WiFi Flat-Screen Televisions Coming Soon?

January 10, 2008

WiFi flat-screen televisions without any cords or cables coming soon? Maybe, according to a recent CNN article.

These televisions would use a special box to send HD-quality video to flat-screen televisions.  Nice being able to mount these televisions on the wall without worrying about cables.  But then again, what about power?

I’ve blogged recently about razor-thin bendable televisions and bendable batteries.  I also wrote about the possibility of beaming electricity through the air instead of through wires.   So, putting all these together, perhaps in several years we’ll be rolling up our televisions and taking them with us for easy viewing at our local Starbucks (or, better yet, barista-equipped McDonalds with free WiFi service)?  Hmm.

4 Responses to “WiFi Flat-Screen Televisions Coming Soon?”

  1. jj Says:

    Who knows it will work! :)

  2. I am cynthia barnett will u call me this vp is

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  4. dog food Says:

    why would you want to move around a big tv? that’d make sense for tiny screens.

    I’d buy this, in fact; I’d buy 50 tiny screens too along with one big flat tv. Scatter them everywhere!

    Otherwise, i’d just add more plugs and hang em. 1 less cord is better than dealing with 2.

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