Don’t Be My Facebook Secret Crush

January 7, 2008

Facebook LogoIf you’ve been a Facebook member long enough (or if you’re popular enough), chances are you’ve already gotten a request to approve a “Secret Crush” from a friend.

In a word: DON’T!

(Well, I know “DON’T” is actually two words. Just listen, ok?)

When you approve this request, you’re then asked to download and install an application onto your computer. This application actually installs an adware program, potentially causing numerous pop-up ads to appear on your screen. In addition, this program could expose your computer to other scams and malware programs.

So, if you’re a Facebook friend of mine, don’t send me a “secret crush.” Tell me directly via Facebook email. Better yet, send me a Facebook video email. But remember, I’ve got a boyfriend who I’m in love with and who I’ll celebrate my 11-year anniversary later this month. So, stay away.

Thanks, MarketWatch.


4 Responses to “Don’t Be My Facebook Secret Crush”

  1. daveynin Says:

    Thanks for the story! I have yet warned few of my friends in my Facebook friends for NOT inviting me to install applications as they sent almost everyday!

    This drives me nuts.

  2. proudgeek Says:

    You’re welcome, Davey! Yes, I rarely accept invitations too — vampires, SuperPoke, even the SuperWall. I do have a few apps on my Facebook profile, but nowhere as many as other folks!

  3. Bill Says:

    My daughter had her FB account hacked, and sent an email from her profile that had a link to a phishing site (the clue would have been that the link shows a profile, but the profile link ended in .cn.

  4. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Bill! Yes, I just saw something on TechCrunch (a VERY popular tech blog) about phishing attempts using Facebook’s branding. Here’s the link:

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