Comment from Viable manager on the VPAD

January 6, 2008

Brendan Steuben Steuble, the manager of the VPAD project at Viable, left the following comment with more info on the VPAD on both Amy Cohen Efron and my blog posts announcing the VPAD. Thanks, Brendan, and we look forward to getting even more information on this from you. This new videophone is certainly generating a lot of buzz and excitement!

Hi. I am the manager of the VPAD project for Viable, Inc. We are very excited by the response generated at this year’s CES unveiling. I would like to assure you all that this device is real, exists in quantity, and will be available very very soon: it is not an “idea” or “prototype”.

Of particular note is the ability of the device to provide Video Remote Interpreting, where if it is in the room and on, a deaf and hearing person can speak to each other. Also, it does not need a “public ip” address, and works inside your office, your hotel, your home, or in a wifi hotspot.

It is so easy to setup and use that a child or the most technology afraid person can use it.

Our website will have more details shortly.

My best wishes to you all and my hopes that this device helps bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing communities.


8 Responses to “Comment from Viable manager on the VPAD”

  1. George Adams III Says:

    I wonder how to get this new Viable VPAD. Can someone help me with this.
    I have VP 200 now.
    George Adams III

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Hi George – I’m going to edit your comment to remove your personal information. Also, the VPAD still has to go through beta testing with a limited group of people before it can be released to the public. So, could be several months, could be longer …

  3. George Adams III Says:

    Thank you for your input.
    George Adams III

  4. Rick Colosimone Says:

    Hey Brendan,
    We have Eye2Eye videophone (D-Link). Wondering would VPAD will be available in Canada?
    Rick & Linda Colosimone

  5. Danielle Oda Says:

    Hi Customer or Rep.,

    I am waiting for VPAD for almost 3 months from October in Bay Area Pleasanton Blvd and I haven’t hear from them. When I will recieve VPAD?


  6. Proud Geek Says:

    Danielle – you can now order the VPAD+ via for $99. You’d need to create your on-line account and sign up for a 10-digit number, then you’ll be able to purchase the VPAD+ through your on-line account.

  7. louis/harriet greenberg Says:

    dears, make sure please let me if you know aboutvpad will be free allright so please let me ok many thanks a nice day there ok bye from louis

  8. Ken Bradley Says:

    Hi, Can I can get VSN register in canada for my vpad?

    Ken B.

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