Viable VPAD Unveiled – And It’s A Beaut

January 5, 2008

Viable certainly didn’t disappoint us. It unveiled the newest videophone, the VPAD — and it looks like it’s going to be a winner.

Viable VPAD

Some features that I think we’ll all like:

  • WiFi connectivity – that means we can take the VPAD to our local Starbucks, or on out-of-town trips to hotel rooms, or even to many McDonalds (which now provide free WiFi service).
  • Touch-screen that’s 10.2″ wide.
  • Optional keyboard via USB cable
  • Light alerts along the top of the monitor
  • Ability to hook the VPAD up to a larger TV, or even another electronic device (like gaming devices) to the VPAD
  • A slot for SD memory cards (altho I wonder what this would be for — can we record conversations? Or only use the VPAD to display photos and possibly videos?)

The Viable’s VPAD webpage even has a 3D demo mini-video. Go check it out.

When can I get my grubby paws on one? However, it doesn’t look like there’s a sign-up list as of yet. No distribution date.

And while I’m at it: SnapVRS, I don’t even have an Ojo unit. When do I get one? Sorenson, I have one of the older VP-100’s and have yet to get a VP-200. Hint-hint-hint … :-P

EDIT: Amy Cohen Efron (who scooped me with her blog post earlier today about the unveiling of this VPAD – good going, Amy!) had several excellent questions about the VPAD. Go pay her blog post a visit, and I hope she gets these questions answered soon.

EDIT (1/7/08:): Amy Cohen Efron got a great response from Viable answering her questions and more.

44 Responses to “Viable VPAD Unveiled – And It’s A Beaut”

  1. WAD Says:

    Posting the same one I posted on Amy’s…

    I applaud Viable to be a deaf owned company. My eyes opened wide anticipating the exciting news of a new product to be shown at CES to be a good one.

    But my first impression when viewing the Viable’s website was somewhat disappointing. It is not as vibrant as I’d hoped it to be. At the bottom of the homepage, it shows a lady pulling you with her finger (hint hint hint).

    And Viable seems to focus on deaf and hard of hearing people only, hence my impression is that their goals are very limited. The pointer bullets using ViableVRS in workplace ( did not convince me to switch from other competitor to theirs immediate. I double-dare Viable to expand their horizontal avenues wider. But (finally) I found VPAD and it looks promising. I’ll leave to the geeks to rate the VPAD. In my opinion, it should be shown on homepage (it’s not as of 01/05/08).

    Viable’s logo looks striking similar to Life-Size’s logo ( as both company focus on video communication product. I hope the trademark infringement notification letter never will arrive at Viable’s office.

    Wanting to see the success story flourish, I expect Viable to focus on three core values: quality, delivery, and innovation as well as taking advantage of Bill Dester’s plead ( for corporations to work with RIT’s on research and development. He’s asking for less fights on intellectual property ( with corporations. Clearly he welcomes anyone with open arms. It will give NTID a boost in the technology field.

    I have a good feeling Viable will have better handle of social responsibility than Sorenson, like said in a blog ( and vlog ( by A Deaf Pundit.

    Will this message set Viable on fire and get their employees to work harder and be more competitive? Can Viable Triple-dog-dare me?

    Best of luck to Viable and I am counting on you to blossom.

    p.s. I have a confession to make; I am falling in love with the VMan. Ain’t he cute!?! (

  2. Richard Says:

    I think the Vpad is a least 6 months to 1 year away from distribution. From their PR:

    “The videophone will undergo testing with a limited pool of beta testers before full-scale distribution.”

    But, it does have a lot of nice features it becomes more than just vaporware.

  3. […] See Proud Geek info before. Viable VPAD Unveiled – And It’s A Beaut Proud Geek […]

  4. Viable Cong! It’s about to break revolution of vp-wired!

    Looking forward to see you at CES.

  5. Brendan Steuble Says:

    Hi. I am the manager of the VPAD project for Viable, Inc. We are very excited by the response generated at this year’s CES unveiling. I would like to assure you all that this device is real, exists in quantity, and will be available very very soon: it is not an “idea” or “prototype”.

    Of particular note is the ability of the device to provide Video Remote Interpreting, where if it is in the room and on, a deaf and hearing person can speak to each other. Also, it does not need a “public ip” address, and works inside your office, your hotel, your home, or in a wifi hotspot.

    It is so easy to setup and use that a child or the most technology afraid person can use it.

    Our website will have more details shortly.

    My best wishes to you all and my hopes that this device helps bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing communities.

  6. KyDeafie Says:

    Ooo.. I can’t wait. I love Wireless!

  7. […] at Viable, left the following comment with more info on the VPAD on both Amy Cohen Efron and my blog posts announcing the VPAD.  Thanks, Brendan, and we look forward to getting even more information […]

  8. John Bisson Says:

    Hello there! Wow! Cool with a new device such a Viable!!!

    John Bisson

  9. wow i want that viable vpad very nice then when do you know box mail send me ok

  10. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Nelson – the vpad won’t be sent out for a long while, darn. I’ve deleted the address from your comment — I don’t want it to be public.


    wow i want that viable vpad very nice then when do you know box mail to send me ok

  12. Allyson Says:

    vpad when ready i would like to sign reg for vpad thank allyson mogstad

  13. taleachia Says:

    i want to win

  14. edward Says:

    I want to win

  15. carmen bell Says:

    wow i want that viable vpad very nice then when will box mail to send me i want one for me thank you

  16. carmen bell Says:

    wow i want that viable vpad very nice then when will box mail to send me i want one for me

  17. Nicole Says:

    Please send me viable box i want one wow thanks Nicky

  18. antionette Says:

    yes it is soo nice n please send me viable box that i want one thanks antionette

  19. keresha hamlett Says:

    oh yeah i love it viable box very cool and great touchscreen and look like hdtv kinda.. i really want one and please send me viable box, thank you


  20. richard garten Says:

    I really like and also very interest , please send me viable box i want one, thank you.


  21. Robert Austin Says:

    Hi Tech. Wow sound good and cool I am 65 old need talk with mom if possible take one for me. Curious ask question will work with satellite so wonder it. If I have one would be my first time relay service on VP. Thank Bob

  22. WILLIAM Says:


  23. rita Says:

    hello this is rita i would like to know that viable vpad is very important for the deaf in the united states and the business also doctors. dentists etc it is very important for the deaf. i need a viable vpad it is important for me. it is free for the deaf people please let me know about it thank you .

  24. richard ferris Says:

    awesome i need it thank you ….

  25. stanley Says:

    hello i love it viable vision pls send me one viable vision mail me for free

  26. Neal B. Mckenzie Says:

    It is very incredible to have one of my own when needed. Would appreciate if you sent me all the information including price. Thank You…

  27. cheryl wtson Says:

    i wonder this viable can plug car and can take to travel?

  28. cheryl wtson Says:

    i am deaf pls respond me and could like have free

  29. kayla Says:

    hi my grandma doesnt have a computer can she still use this?

  30. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Kayla – No computer necessary, but your grandmother would need to have high-speed Internet access. Otherwise, no, she would not be able to use this.

  31. Erik Says:

    Per email I got from Vision, Vpad will be sold for $99 dollars at deafnation expo – a huge discount from $699. You can find Viable vendor selling Vpad at DeafNation Expo at Pomona, Calif. April 12, Omaha, Nebraska, on April 19; Columbus, Ohio, on April 26; and Atlanta on May 3. Those four locations are confirmed but don’t know about the rest of expo location like Denver in September. One VPad per household.

    Good luck.

  32. Lu Ann Says:

    Hi, question for you. I won’t be able to attend the DeafNation Expo this coming Saturday, April 12th… due to my health problem. But it’s a good price to purchase that. Where can I find to purchase that only sell at $99?

  33. Erik Says:

    You have to ask Viable on this. All I know, at this moment, is that they are only selling it at an Expo price of $99.00 at announced four expo locations listed above. They will plan to sell online but I doubt it will be for $99 dollars. Basically, you can’t miss Expo pricing! :-)


  34. Erik Says:

    The answer is YES, it is true that VPAD will be available at the special
    price of $99, a deep discount from its retail price of $699 only at Deaf
    Nation Expo in Pomona,CA on April 12 (Saturday).

    Viable will be at the following Deaf Nation Expos;

    Omaha, NE – April 19
    Columbus, OH – April 26
    Atlanta,GA- May 3

    Note: The pricing of the VPAD are subject to change. The pricing for
    VPAD in these upcoming Deaf Nation Expos will be announced as soon as

    If you are unable to attend to or if the Expo is located too far away
    from where you live, then you would need to wait till the VPAD will be
    available for purchase online or through local sales representatives in
    the near future.

    If you are curious about the VPAD and its functions, please do visit our
    website You can find the LATEST
    information on the VPAD. Browse the rest of our website to learn more
    about Viable, Inc.


    good morning, i was sorry to missed the deaf expo in Pomona ,April 12, had class couldn’t miss it , need to get my cert. Any way just like to know when the big sale be next time , Going on vacation to NewYork and Ireland was hoping to get few for me , my husband,sons and sister. Wow jump outof the chair when my friends told was $99.00 would this happen again or can i do this over the email order.
    Thank u
    Kathy ivankay

  36. Karen Truther Says:

    Got my VPAD at the Pomona Expo. Like any new Beta Version it has some problems. But the biggest issue is that if you get your VPAD engraved (a free offer at the Expos), VIABLE voids your warranty on the VPAD! (a fact not disclosed to people). My friend, who also got her VPAD at the Pomona Expo, had hers engraved…and now, since she has issues with the VPAD, unrelated to the engraving, she was told she can’t exchange it. She isn’t eligible for any sort of support. Is this Viable’s way of saving money…since, of course there are going to be issues with beta versions. I hope they do the right thing.

  37. KEVIN Says:



  38. paul lowe Says:

    hi, i like vpad vaible. how much cost for it ? i vpad vaible to go anywhere for my vpad vaible

  39. janice adams Says:

    hi sir i like vpad how explain with face to face talk company curious want know how tell me clear more understand make sure with who talk can use cell my call text message???? infor when i talk free time tell want know planning to you ok 7802992042 janice adams name (vpad) call know ok thankyou please call

  40. victoria Says:

    I Interesnt like a vpad

  41. Gail Zimmer Says:

    Hello Virable Vpad.
    I would like to buy 2 vpads and how much cost per vpad will be? I am in Canada.
    thank you

  42. Gail Zimmer Says:

    Hey!!! is vp cost $99.00 in USA?? Unfair to Canada, the price goes up to $199.00 from $99.00… Is that true?
    I like vpad because touch on the screen and face to face to see how things go… and also flashing light right…great!!! I dont have one for myself.

  43. Carlos A. Says:

    Hello everbody, I’m waithing box mail… You know how many day? Please tell me… I like new Viable vary nice! How buy $99 dallor to Viable VAPD? You know guys?

    Thank you!

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