Viable To Unveil New Videophone This Saturday

January 4, 2008

Viable videophone covered by cloth

Viable will be unveiling a totally new type of videophone on Saturday, January 5th (TOMORROW!) at the 2008 International CES conference.

Judging from the shape under the fabric (see picture), it looks like some kind of upright tablet / monitor. Looks like it’s much wider than the Ojo. Hmmm. (Speaking of which, SnapVRS, I still haven’t gotten an Ojo unit from you. I want one!) A source in Viable, who shall remain unnamed, confirms that this cloth-covered shape is indeed the new videophone. Wow.

The related news release seems to suggest that this videophone will be wireless (or at least be WiFi-enabled — get your terms straight, folks!) and will be “introducing to our customers to an exciting, new technology standard that blows away every other videophone currently available.”

Waitamin. The photo in the news release is named “clothvpad.png”. That suggests the videophone is being called the vpad. I Googled “vpad,” and I wonder if the vpad will look anything like the VidaBox vPad (although this model deals with home security / piping music throughout the house and does not come with a webcam / videocamera):


Whoops! The same unnamed Viable source confirmed (in an indirectly roundabout way) that while the unit will indeed be called the vpad, it will NOT look like the VidaBox vPad (pictured above). Let the speculation continue, then.

Oh, I can’t wait. Look at me — I’m actually shaking with anticipation.


11 Responses to “Viable To Unveil New Videophone This Saturday”

  1. jj Says:


    Let’s find out tomorrow.

  2. Alison Says:

    First class geek.

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Alison, yep, that’s me. Lovin’ it!

  4. Glenn Says:

    I have see this products and its sucks for your information!

  5. J.J. Puorro Says:

    Should be interesting…

    I’d like a VP that I could just plug connecting to a TV or a software hassles (for PC webcams)…

  6. […] Viable To Unveil New Videophone This Saturday [image] Viable will be unveiling a totally new type of videophone on Saturday, January 5th (TOMORROW!) at the 2008 […] […]

  7. JGJones Says:

    When you do see it, can you find out what would the video resolution be on the device? I’ve not been impressed with the Ojo – it might be sleek and cool-looking, but if it comes with a quarter CIF resolution, it’s no good…lesser quality!

    I wish we all could be using devices such as those made by Life-Size – video resolution of 1280×800 hmmm (seen it in action once…I was blown away)

    But then…still hurrah for USA, yet another videophone…meanwhile back in Blighty (UK) there’s sod all…sigh…

  8. anonymous Says:

    complainers. why don’t you come out with a better product? now stfu.

  9. kalzig Says:

    Cool…how do I order a VPAD? It would be perfect for my boat (with wireless coverage).

  10. George Adams III Says:

    I would like to get one. How can I do that.
    George Adams III

  11. proudgeek Says:

    Hi George – I’m going to edit your comment to remove your personal information. Also, the VPAD still has to go through beta testing with a limited group of people before it can be released to the public. So, could be several months, could be longer …

    Kalzig — showoff! :-) You’ll hafta wait a while, but perhaps by the time it’s ready, your boat’ll be out of winter drydock anyway.

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