Don’t Want This On My Tombstone

December 12, 2007

I know I’m a Proud Geek, and I love geeky gadgets. But this is one gadget I do NOT want. A video player on my tombstone that shows a video scrapbook of memories about me.

Serenity Vidstone

I’m proud of telling people that I do not want my tombstone to say, “Here lies Josh / He was a good employee.” Rather, I want it to read, “Here lies Josh / He was a wonderful father.” But I don’t want that to be said in videos! I’d stick with a simple etching / carving of these words, thank you very much.

Ok, what is this gadget?

It’s the Serenity Panel, a video scrapbook made by Vidstone LLC that is buried into, ahem, built into your tombstone. It is powered by solar, and so the solar panels have to be faced in the right direction and the beloved can’t be buried under a thick tree. Pressing some control will show a 5-8 minute video of the dearly departed. I believe it would be built solid enough to last at least 15 years. There’s even a plan that ensures / insures replacement in case of vandalism (but not theft). There’s even a VidPet Memorial Panel to go on tombstones of cherished family pets. I kid thee not.

I do not mean to poke fun at what is surely a serious product for a serious time. But I just feel that this is a bit extravagent. Even normally somber CNN had a tongue-in-cheek article about this.

If anyone buries me with one of those on my tombstone, I’ll … I’ll … I’ll come back to life and chase you around and beat you silly!

Serenity Vidstone II


5 Responses to “Don’t Want This On My Tombstone”

  1. seekgeo Says:

    OMG!! I had no clue they exist like this now already! I mean I knew it’d come to something like this at some point because it’s all about either recording voice or video nowadays anywhere even on tombstone.

    I won’t even worry because I personally prefer to be cremated, I can’t imagine being buried under the ground with worms crawling all over, he he. Really, I don’t want anyone to contact my future family to move me if needed.

    But this is pretty interesting, I see it will last 15 years, what will happen after? The family have to contact the company to have it replaced which then will cost them more money? I think it is much of hassle to have families to deal.

    You are definitely one of great bloggers out there because I learn a lot every time I come on here! :-)


  2. mcconnell Says:

    I prefer to be cremated, and then turn my ashes into a gemstone as a family heirloom.

    heh heh….

  3. A quick buck scheme – it’ll never catch on!

  4. mcconnell Says:

    Oh, it’s catching on. It’s one of the many choices or niches when it comes to deposing your loved ones, even your pets.

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