Using Purell On Your Palm For Lubricant

December 11, 2007

For years, I’ve had problems trying to sync my Palm Treo with my computer via the HotSync cables.

(What, you’re reading this because you thought the title meant something more risque than this? Please! This is a somewhat family-friendly blog!)

I’d repeatedly press the HotSync button, and disconnect and then reconnect my Palm with the Sync cable up to ten or even twenty times before it would finally start the HotSync process. Very, very frustrating. I knew it was because of dirt and gunk accumulated in the connector at the bottom of the Palm unit, but still …

Then while trying to clean my Palm’s connectors with Purell, I discovered something.

Purell as lubeEvery time I want to sync my Palm, all I need to do is to rub a dab of Purell a bit vigorously along the connectors. It will sync after each time I do this. Without fail.

But then when I take my Palm and use it for more than a few minutes and try to sync it again without a dab of Purell, it won’t work. And then I have to rub Purell again along the Palm connectors so I can sync it.

So now every time I want to sync my Palm, I just rub Purell along it first. Works every time.

Who knew that a bit of Purell on the base of one’s Palm works just like a lubricant?

(Ok, I couldn’t resist. Family time again.)


One Response to “Using Purell On Your Palm For Lubricant”

  1. laughing tomatoes Says:


    electronics often note that you should not use alcohol to clean stuff, i should know; the old Nintendo cartridges forbid using alcohol. Get the proper cleaning agent that is recommended instead.

    Also note that hand sanitizers do have some kind of buildup after reapeated uses. don’t believe me? rub your hand with the stuff at least 5 times and tell me you’d lick yourself.

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