100,000 on 12/07/07

December 7, 2007

This blog hit its 100,000th viewer around noon EST today.  I know it doesn’t compare to other ultra-popular blogs that get millions of hits A MONTH (or even in a day).  But for something that I work on a few minutes a day, 100,000 hits since last March ain’t too shabby.

My peak month (with 17,827 hits) was last August, when several of my Vista Annoyances posts appeared on the front page of StumbleOn.   My most popular post ever is ironically one of my geekiest posts ever, Windows Vista Annoyance #3: file / folder sharing between computers on a network.  It’s regularly on the top of my DAILY list of most-viewed blog posts, mostly because of Google searches, partially because of Stumbleon, and partially because computer shops apparently use this when explaining to customers how to make their computers work nicely with each other across networks.

Since August, I’ve been averaging 13,000 – 14,000 hits a month.  When I write a post on a daily basis, I average about 400-500 hits a day.  But some weeks, I only write one or two blog posts — and my hits go down to around 300-400 a day.

Thanks, faithful readers.  It’s folks like you that makes it worthwhile for me to keep bloggin’.  Stick around, willya?


7 Responses to “100,000 on 12/07/07”

  1. Belle Says:

    “Stick around, will ya?”

    And you too!

    Your Windows posts are good for a chuckle for this Mac user ;)

  2. Bill Says:

    Vista post are not funny for this sole who bought a laptop with Vista. But it came partitioned, so it will be easier to dual boot with Ubuntu….


    I know your posts on captioning helped me – I am building up a good collection of captioned movie trailers!

  3. Barry Says:

    Congrats! keep it up, Mr. Proud Geek

  4. tayler Says:

    when you say hits, do you mean pageviews? hits is a now depreciated term that includes all pages’ elements, including CSS and images. pageviews is the more accurate term that describes a single page load. even so, pageviews is quickly becoming outdated (because of AJAX). visits and time spent are the buzz words nowadays.

  5. proudgeek Says:

    Thanks, Belle, Bill, and Barry!

    Tayler – good question! WordPress.com has horrible stats, and I can’t insert snippets that would allow me to use other web stat services. I’m pretty sure you’re correct and that it’s pageviews, not hits.

  6. Mishkazena Says:

    Congratulations. Keep up with your good work

  7. tayler Says:

    ah — wordpress.com uses pageviews :)

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