Boost It When You Need It

November 27, 2007

I admit it. I leave the lights on in the car several times a year. When I do that and then when I try to turn on the car, it gives (what I imagine is) a pitiful whimper and does not turn over. And I smack my head and say, “Not again, you (Proud) Geek!”

I’ve been making good use of my AAA membership ever since I joined at the tender young age of twenty years. So good, in fact, that I think AAA had been losing money on me!

I’ve heard of jump start kits that you could leave in the car, but I imagined them to be big, expensive, bulky generator-like batteries that’d take up half (or much more if you’ve got a Miata like my dad once had) of your trunk space.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when my partner and I stumbled over a tiny re-chargeable jump start kit that sells for just $20!

Boost It power packRally Manufacturing, Inc. sells Boost It, a line of portable jump start kits with various options. Kit # 7267, similar to what I have, comes with its own booster cables, can be re-charged by leaving it plugged into an electrical outlet for 24 hours or left plugged into your (running!) car’s cigarette outlet, can be left under the seat or in the trunk of your car for several months without needing to be re-charged, and can be used to jump-start your car, truck, or van when needed. With a press of a button, you can see how much “juice” it has left or if it needs re-charging.

In addition, it comes with two car adapter outlets – you can use it anywhere and not just in / for the car. You could go on a picnic and plug in up to two portable dvd players, recharge your smartphone, use your electric razor, plug in a fan if it’s too hot outside, plug in a boom box, etc etc. The possibilities are almost unlimited, as long as you have a car adaptor (like a cigarette lighter plug) for all these appliances.

Boost It power pack - accessories
If you pay a few more dollars, you can get Kit # 7258 or better which comes with a two- (or maybe it’s three-?) pronged 110 volt outlet (or outlets) that you can use for just about any appliance, including leaf-blowers. Hmm.

Now we have a ‘Boost It’ kit in our van, charged and ready for the next time we need it. I can hardly wait to (accidentially) leave the lights on once again so I can try out the Boost It kit!

So, am I gonna cancel my AAA membership? Fat chance. My partner’s the one who seems to always get a flat tire — he also makes good use of our AAA membership (which, thank goodness, recognizes same-sex partners). Why don’t we change the tire ourselves then? Ach, with two kids, who has the time or energy?


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  1. Gilberto Galaz Says:

    Great information :)

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