Chatter Now Truly Plays Nicely with Gmail IMAP

November 26, 2007

Long-suffering Proud Geek readers may (will!) remember that I’m a huge fan of Chatter Email on the Palm Treo because Chatter gives the Palm Treo true-biz Push Email. Only, for a true Push Email experience, you had to be using an email service that has IMAP (rather than POP) access. Yahoo Mail doesn’t have this, and neither does Hotmail / Live mail. For a long time, Google’s Gmail didn’t either, until a few weeks ago. I enthusatically blogged about Gmail’s IMAP addition, and then a few days later I blogged with dismay that Chatter’s problems with Gmail’s IMAP has forced me to go back to my old email system (

A few days ago, Marc, the creator of Chatter has released a new version (3.0.10) that now plays nicely with Gmail’s IMAP access. Hooray! I’m now using Gmail instead of, and push email works flawlessly except for two things: photos sent from Tmobile Sidekicks don’t seem to come attached to emails when pushed to my Treo (while photos from other sources and other smartphones come across just fine, strangely enough), and I occasionally get a “Delete Failed” error when deleting an email on my Treo. Those two issues were with a beta version of the now-stable 3.0.10 release, so I’m curious if I still see these issues with this release.

Although my recent blog post with instructions on how to configure your Chatter to work with Gmail via IMAP is still good, I noticed that Marc added a “Gmail (IMAP)” option to the drop-down list of account types when creating a new account. So, modified instructions below.

  1. You need to configure Gmail to allow IMAP. Within Gmail on the computer screen, click on “Settings” then the “Forwarding and POP / IMAP” tab. Then click on “Enable IMAP”. (NOTE: if you don’t see this yet, then try logging out and then into your Gmail account. Sometimes this will do the trick. If you still don’t see this, then wait a bit longer …)
  2. Within Chatter on your Treo, pull down the top menu and select “New Account”
  3. In the “Quick Setup” window, under “Choose the account type …” drop-down menu, select “Gmail (IMAP)”
  4. Under “Your Name,” type a name that you want to show up when sending emails
  5. Under “Login Name,” type your full Gmail email address (including the “” or your Google Apps extension)
  6. Under “PW,” type your Gmail password.
  7. Make sure “Always Online” is checked.
  8. Click on “OK”

And there you have it. Super-duper-easy — well, sorta. Don’t forget to go to “Edit Account” and configure your options if you want to load emails older than 14 days, customize your delete options, increase the “load” (the initial size of emails that Chatter pulls before asking if you want “More”), notification, etc.

Thanks, Marc, for continuing to update what is inarguably (at least by me and legions of loyal Chatter users) the best email program for the Palm Treos!


4 Responses to “Chatter Now Truly Plays Nicely with Gmail IMAP”

  1. Can we do it with default email program? (Versamail)

    Since Google doesn’t offer Gmail program for Palm OS unlike Windows Mobile OS or Blackberry OS, I am stuck with web-based Gmail…


  2. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Grant! Versamail can be configured to get emails from Gmail — but only via POP and not via IMAP. I don’t think Versamail can do IMAP.
    For the benefit of people who may have questions about POP v. IMAP: via POP, an email program like Versamail actually “wakes” itself up and checks for any new emails on Gmail. Many email programs (like those on the Blackberries when working with non-Blackberry email addresses) can be set to check for new emails every 15 minutes or more — not less. Very irritating. But when an email program like Chatter works with an email service like Gmail that can do IMAP, that means whenever new email arrives at the Gmail account, it is automatically and instanteously “pushed” to Chatter. Very, very useful, and this is exactly what we’re used to with our Blackberries and Sidekicks which get push email (at least for and email addresses).

  3. Robert Says:

    Just FYI, you can install Java and use the Google mobile email client as well. Not listed as supporting Treo ( I think because Java needs to be installed), but I have been using it on my 680 with no issues for a while now.

  4. lebkiri Says:

    je suis paumé c’est quoi java pour versamail

    comment configurer chatteremail pour rcevoir et envoyer des mail a partir de mon tréo 680?

    merci à tous de me venir en aide

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