Snap!VRS Gets Snappy

November 20, 2007

SnapVRS logoJust got an email from Snap!VRS announcing some upcoming new technology innovations. You may remember Snap!VRS because of its totally-uber-cool Ojo videophones. Looks like Snap! wants to stay on the leading edge of the videophone field — and not just because of its Ojo videophone. Some snippets from its email (and yes, I plagarize shamelessly here):

  • Ojo videophoneWireless — New flexible options to make VRS calls with Ojo from just about anywhere through the use of Wi-Fi wireless access points and WiMAX technologies.
  • Mobility — New Home Plug technology allows Ojo users to place VRS calls virtually anywhere within the home by using the home electrical system.
  • Portability — New compact travel Ojo.
  • Enhanced Video Mail — New feature that permits VRS providers or anyone calling an Ojo using an older VP to leave a video message which can be retrieved directly from Ojo.
  • Home and Office Program —New program to provide an additional Ojo for use by working professionals to accommodate the need to place VRS calls from home or the office.
  • Friends and Family Program — Hearing friends and family members of Snap!VRS customers may purchase an interoperable version of Ojo capable of communicating with other VPs that use older technology.
  • Use Ojo to Make Videos — Use Ojo to record personal video episodes called Ojosodes (Ojo + episodes = Ojosodes) that can be posted to an online social community.
  • and much more.

3 Responses to “Snap!VRS Gets Snappy”

  1. Deb Ann Says:

    I love it! I have one that sits on the counter just by this computer. We have VP in the other room but when I am at the computer, I don’t want to walk upstairs to the other room where it has VP. I just still sit and call thur Snap!VRS. It’s so easy for me! I love it and you won’t regret if you get one.

  2. please Says:

    i’ll believe it when i see it from snap. their vp is way behind others in terms of feature-richness.

  3. Bill Says:

    I don’t see a contact form, so….

    Have you seen this? Real Time PDA Captioning?

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