CompUSA Has Closed Many Stores

November 8, 2007

CompUSA logoThis caught me by surprise.  Usually, I know well in advance when a large chain store like CompUSA plans to close a good number of its stores. CompUSA, which used to be one of my favorite computer stores until Best Buy became ubitiquous, has closed what looks like a good 50% of its stores all over the nation. That includes closing 3 out of 5 stores in Maryland, and 27 out of 35 stores in California.  I’d visit the Rockville and Gaithersburg (Maryland) stores quite often, but I remember feeling very irritated that it was difficult getting someone to help me.  Best Buy staff, in contrast, always seem to appear at a snap of my finger (not that I snap my fingers, but …).  Both Rockville and Gaithersburg stores are now closed; if I want my CompUSA fix, I’ll have to go to a Baltimore suburb, or cross the border into Virginia.  Whoops, all four Washington-area CompUSA stores in Virginia are also closed, leaving three in Richmond or the Virginia Beach area.  Geez.

Someone did a comparison list showing which stores are closed and which is still open. Green is open, and red (both dark and light) means closed.

Definitely does not bode well for CompUSA …


4 Responses to “CompUSA Has Closed Many Stores”

  1. Seek Geo Says:


    I’m so glad you brought this up! A few weeks ago, my friend and I were talking about it cuz all CompUSA or at least most were closed here in WA.

    I used to go to CompUSA all the time until Best Buy came along. Like you said, it was always so difficult getting someone to help when we need one at CompUSA. I was there one day about 4 years ago and I had a question, so I stood and waited for like 15 mins with no one around. I had to chase down to get a rep’s attention, all she said, I will be right with you in a second. So I waited and waited.. still nothing! I can’t find her anywhere in the store. Of course, I was pissed and left.

    So, when I left, I saw Best Buy right across the street so I went there and next thing I knew someone was there helping me and I got everything I needed! So, I never bothered to go back to CompUSA since then.

    I always go to Best Buy like 3-5 times a month and even have Best Buy CC, he he.

    All I can say is good bye, CompUSA!


  2. Bill Says:

    I just remember that was a very good store for g33ks, having more linux compatible stuff and lower prices, but disorganized,. Best Buy is ok, but I wouldn’t buy anything that is not on sale there!

  3. Tom Says:

    Agreed, Compusa had poor staffing, and a lot of the products they sold as new were returns.
    With best buy, there is an issue of occasional false advertising (e.g., they advertise: get item x for free if buy whole computer system – but item x never materializes, & they take no responsibility)
    I have generally had good service at Circuit City, and products are good. They treat customers fairly. I appreciate that.

  4. […] while at CompUSA. And exactly a month ago, I almost gleefully blogged about the fact that CompUSA had closed numerous stores. So, the total closure of all CompUSA stores does not come as a […]

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