Someone Else’s Curve Thoughts

November 7, 2007

Blackberry Curve 8310Remember a while ago when I suggested that the next big smartphone could be the Blackberry Curve 8310? Well, Jennifer over at TreoCentral recently did a review. Check it out. Money quote (from the Wrap Up section):

I see the Curve as a great Email machine that looks and feels great. The initial setup is simple (for me on a Windows PC anyway) as is the email setup. I really like the way the Home screen looks with the cute icons. All the little pics with the BB Dimension Icon theme are self explanitory and make sense. If I had several email accounts, I could see myself getting a BlackBerry device someday. It really excels in that department. For now though, from using the Curve for only a few days, I wouldn’t replace my Treo with it. I do like the Curve though.

One Response to “Someone Else’s Curve Thoughts”

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