Voice messages to text — for free

October 31, 2007

CallWave LogoI’ve previously blogged about options for voice messages to be converted to text to be emailed or SMS’ed to you. (See my reviews or mentions of SimulScribe, Spinvox, and Jott.) But this one, folks, is free.

CallWave text messageCallWave provides a suite of “outside the phone” services, and the one that’s of most interest to me (as a deaf person) is its free service transcribing voice messages to text. You can then read the voice message either via email, via a text message, or via a “PhonePage” — your own customized Internet page where you can go through and sort voice messages much like you would like an email inbox.

CallWave even provides a widget that you can put onto your iGoogle, Yahoo, Vista Sidebar, or Apple Dashboard showing your list of voice messages (that you should have already transcribed to text, right?). Very useful, very convenient. And for free. Waitamin, I just caught something — it’s free during its beta period. Ohhhh.

CallWave provides several other services — some at a low monthly fee — like virtual faxes and voice mail on your computer.

CallWave PhonePage


One Response to “Voice messages to text — for free”

  1. J.B. Malik Says:

    Thanks for the review! I have used Callwave for about 2 years now, and I love it. You and your readers can see my review here: http://small-business-phone.com/?cat=9


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