Printing Photos at Target

October 29, 2007

Target Photo logoGot the perfect family picture that you want to share with all of your relatives and friends in your Holiday letter? Or are you jealous of how your friends turn their photos into a beautiful postcard with pilthy statements on the side? Or do you have a bunch of photos that you want to share with your kids’ grandma, but she lives 1,800 miles away and you don’t quite want to take the time to drop these photos at the post office?

You can do all these, and more, through Target’s excellent photo center.

If you sign up for Flickr, Shutterfly, or Kodak Gallery, you would be able to store whatever digital photos you have — and then you would be able to send it to Target’s Photo Center for super-easy photo processing.

Here’s what I’ve done with Target’s Photo Center in the past:

  • Target Photo coffee mugThrough the Internet, I ordered dozens of copies of a family photo for our Holiday cards. I was able to either have the photos be mailed to my home or pick them up at our local Target.
  • Another year, I picked a cool Holiday “postcard” for our family photo, and these postcards even came with matching envelopes. Made mailing out these Holiday cards a real breeze that year!
  • My mother — my kids’ grandmother — wanted copies of photos from our recent visit to her house. So, I uploaded them to Shutterfly and made an order for them to be printed out at Target’s Photo Center at my mother’s local Target. Even though my mother and I live 1,842 miles apart, she was able to pick these photos up from her local Target store just one mere hour after I ordered them via the Internet.
  • Made a blow-up of a particularly cute photo for a birthday party.

Target’s Photo Center also provides many other services, like photo books, photo ties (don’t you dare get me one of those!!), stickers, aprons (hmm, maybe I’ll get my partner one of those), t-shirts, coffee mugs, collages, and many more.


One Response to “Printing Photos at Target”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I love the ability to upload my photos from home and go pick them up at Target. Now it means I don’t have to drop of the camera card at the beginning of my shopping excursion and hope the one hour developing is truly running at one hour. Also, I don’t have to pray that the in-store do-it-yourself machine is working…I’ve often found it out of order, sigh.

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