iRobot now cleans your gutters!

October 4, 2007

Tired of having to clean your gutters the hard way — moving the ladder a few feet at a time, reaching in (and hoping you don’t overbalance the ladder) and dumping gunk from your gutters? Or maybe you’re like me (gulp!) and procrascinate, and end up having gutters that overflow and leak water into your house during torrential rainstorms?

iRobot Looj gutter cleaneriRobot now has a robot just for your gutters — the Looj!

(I have no idea where the Looj name came from. Don’t ask me.)

The Looj works much like a badger with a soft propeller at its snout. You put it into a gutter, and you use a remote control to control it as it squrms along the gutter and uses its “propeller” (officially called a 3-stage augur) to dislodge and disintegrate leaves and dirt in your gutter. Then after you use it, you only need to hose it down to clean it, and it even clips onto your belt so that you can more easily climb up / down ladders.

You might affectionately know iRobot as the company that makes the Scooba — which cleans and vaccuums your floors and which even cooks for you if you ask nicely. (Ok, I made up the last part, but it does clean and vaccuum your floors while you’re out or sleeping.)

A video (which I can’t embed here) shows the Looj in operation. Isn’t this too cool?

The Looj comes in three models (which differ only in the range of accessories, apparently), with prices ranging from $99 to $169.99.

(Thanks, La-La, for telling me about this!)


One Response to “iRobot now cleans your gutters!”

  1. staz Says:

    i think i am going to get one for us. it will be very useful for us. we live in forest. :)

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