Ultra-Thin Television Coming Out in December

October 3, 2007

Ultra-thin television is coming! Ultra-thin television is coming in December!

Remember last May when I blogged Sony’s announcement that it has developed a razor-thin bendable television? Well, Sony will start selling ultra-thin televisions mounted on a pedestal — much like a modern desk lamp — this December for roughly $1,740. These televisions will initially be rather small, at nearly 10 inches width by 5.6 inches height.

But ach, the coolness factor just grabs at me. Can you just imagine having one of those televisions on your desk in your cubicle, and becoming the envy of all the other Dilbert-like folks in your wretched existence? Yes, I thought so — I can imagine that too for myself. :-)

I just hope these televisions come with the closed-captions chip built in.

I’m not sure the following photo (from I4U News) is accurate, but it’s close enough to give you an idea of what’s coming.

Sony OLED Ultra-Thin Television

One Response to “Ultra-Thin Television Coming Out in December”

  1. aware Says:

    i think legally only TVs that are 11 (or is it 13) inches or larger have to have built-in captions…

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