Video email and video wall posts via Facebook

October 2, 2007

A little-heralded feature of Facebook is the ability to send / receive video emails and wall posts. Very, very easy to create a video email inside Facebook and send it to your friends (or enemies), and watch their video responses as well. And these video emails show up as a thread in each email exchange — making it easy to scroll down a series of video emails or even play several at the same time. You can record video up to an unbelievable FIFTEEN minutes — that’s an eternity!

It goes without saying that you’ll have to have a webcam hooked up already to your computer or laptop.

To send a video email, just follow these steps (and don’t forget to click on “Send”!):

  • Within Facebook, click on “Inbox” and then “Compose Message” (or, if already viewing a message, just scroll down to the “Reply” box)
  • Click on “Record Video” just below the message / reply box.

Facebook video compose screen

  • If prompted, give permission for the website to turn on your webcam.
  • A “Record video” box will appear. When you’re ready to be recorded, click on the red circle.
  • Record your video message! When done, click on the blue square.
  • You now have a choice of previewing your video, cancelling, or attaching your video. If you’re satisfied, click on “Attach”
  • Now, this is the step many people may overlook! You’re brought back to the message compose window. You’ll have the option of typing something or not, and then CLICK ON “SEND” to send the video email.

Facebook video click on send

  • The video email will then be sent! If enough video emails are sent and received to/from the same recipient, then they will be threaded — a very nice feature.

Facebook video email thread

Doing this for wall posts or Fun Wall posts is very similar — just click on “Record Video”, attach it, and then post / send it.

When viewing videos, all you need to do is to click on the blue arrow on the video window, and it will play right there. If you hover your mouse over the playing video, you’ll see buttons to pause it, a bar where you can drag the video timing back or forth, and volume controls.

Have fun! Have lots of fun! Just don’t record anything you don’t want the public and your mom to know (or even see) … !!


88 Responses to “Video email and video wall posts via Facebook”

  1. mark lipsky Says:

    If you’d like to do this and more for free outside of Facebook try GabMail All messages are threaded, use your preferred email or webmail client to send videomails, instant ‘cloaking’ of any inappropriate videos, a powerful collaborative component and more.

    Try it and let me know what you think.
    Mark Lipsky, CEO, GabSight
    mlipsky at gabsight dot com

  2. Klaas Van de Moortel Says:

    Why can I only post video on certain walls? Most of my friends’ walls don’t have the ability to attach video…

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Klaas – that’s interesting, I didn’t notice that certain walls don’t have this ability. Are you mixing up Super Wall, Fun Wall, and the normal Wall? I haven’t yet been able to find a wall where I’m unable to attach video, though. I wonder if there is a setting to turn off the ability to attach video to your own wall; I looked around and couldn’t find any such setting tho. Sorry I’m no help here.

  4. Klaas Van de Moortel Says:

    i’ll let you know if I find out more about this.

  5. Klaas Van de Moortel Says:

    ah and I did just now.
    I think this might be the solution.

    Why can I add Wall attachments using applications I have not installed?
    While you still need to add applications to use their full functionality, you will have the option to use Wall attachments from applications that your friend has installed as well. For example, if you do not have Facebook Video added, but your friend does, when you post on his or her Wall you will be able to add a Facebook Video Wall attachment.

    I added the Facebook Video application and now I can add videos to anyones wall …

  6. proudgeek Says:

    That’s interesting, and no wonder! Thanks, Klaas.

  7. […] a “secret crush.” Tell me directly via Facebook email. Better yet, send me a Facebook video email. But remember, I’ve got a boyfriend who I’m in love with and who I’ll celebrate […]

  8. Eva Says:

    i by accident clicked do not ask again on the prompt before facebook could locate my webcam. can i reverse this?

  9. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Eva – if you had clicked “allow” and also checked “do not ask again,” it should be ok.

  10. Liz Says:

    No one seems to be able to help me with this – including Facebook support. When I try to record a video, I get error message “An error occurred. Unable to connect to server. Please try again later, or now.” I have downloaded latest facebook video appln and am using internet explorer. Any clues anyone?

  11. proudgeek Says:

    Liz – perhaps your Flash software needs to be updated, or you might have too many tabs in your internet browser open to Facebook? I notice that the Firefox Internet browser has a lot of problems when too many tabs are open with Facebook on them (like when I have several Facebook profile albums open at the same time).

  12. Nadine Says:

    I’m having the same problem too, actually. I have the latest version of flash and I only have one tab open on firefox. I reported the problem to the people at facebook but they never got back to me.

  13. mj Says:

    I have the SAME problem. it is really frustrating. I know that I have recorded video on facebook in the past. someone please help!

  14. Evee Says:

    Me too!
    I have the same exact problem. I have the latest versions of firefox and flash.
    When i try to record a video, whether in a message or on a wall i get the same error message.

  15. roooroorf Says:

    i kind of have the same problem. it gives me an error message like this “there is an error and we can’t save your video. please try again” it’s been happening all day. i dont know what to do

  16. eric m. Says:

    ditto– same issue– video works about 1 in 10 times for me. sometimes I can’t record; sometimes I can record and then it can’t save my video. either way, it fails 90% of the time! sucks!!

  17. adam Says:

    SAME! WTF FACEBOOK!! about a week ago i was able to though…

  18. Christian Says:

    Same problem with me, it just started happening a little while ago. And then one time I was able to record but I couldn’t save the video to the wall.

  19. camron Says:

    me too… cant record video… lame

  20. karl Says:

    yeaaaaa…at first i had the problem where it told me a server error occured…and then today it actually worked when i pressed record! but now it says it cannot save the video. wthhh

  21. healimonster Says:

    exact same problems still happening

  22. dan wilt Says:

    Same issue. All de time. Everyday. So frustrating.

  23. Rob Says:

    I been using FB video email for most of this year. I last used it a couple of months ago and was fine, but now, when I try it, the same shit happens. Sort it, facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jan Jegen Says:

    same here

  25. tony Says:

    Same problem. it’s been happening for a year now, and facebook help didn’t help me. Someone should forward this list of comments to them to show them how widespread this problem is!!!

    • Lauren Says:

      i agree! someone send them a link to this! i have the same problem and it drives me crazy- especially when i have a mac that allows me to video record on everything else!!!

  26. kay Says:

    facebook lets me post videos on other people’s walls, but when other people try to post videos on mine, it doesn’t work. the videos show up on my newsfeed, but not on my wall. do you know how to fix that?

  27. Mintz Says:

    so bout this error cant connect to server thing… everyones complained bout it… whys there no response??

  28. babygrll Says:

    how do i make the videos different colors?
    when i record videos on facebook, how can i make them black and white or have animations on them? because i have hte ability to do that on my computer but i dnt know how to do it on facebook.
    please help!

  29. molly Says:

    fuck facebook video.
    i record like 10 minute long videos and then it says it couldn’t save it. fuck it and the whole system. sometimes i can’t even record at all because the shit software keeps saying there’s an error. FUCK IT.

  30. Adriana Says:

    Hi im confused. I have a computer with a camera&video taker. BUT i cant record videos on peoples walls!
    It wont let me click ‘post’. Like it shows the video of me. but i cant post it! & i cant ‘record’ it.


  31. laura Says:

    my friends have been posting videos on my facebook wall, and i can sometimes see them in my mini-feed directly after they’re posted but then when i go back to view them they’re gone, and then don’t post to my wall. is there some sort of setting or application that i have to add to be able to view the videos on my wall?

  32. sierra Says:

    same when i post videos on other people’s walls it works but when they try and post them to mine they dont show up. just on my mini feed?.. i tried looking at all the settings but i have nothing that should be blocking videos from posting on my wall

  33. bluee Says:

    I have posted a video b4 but i cannot now , i get onto the adobe flash player settings box , but then cant click on anything inside it , but the screen is not frozen as i can click on anything outside of the settings box … ANY IDEAS PLEASE ? :)

  34. Justin Says:

    Same with sierra and laura. I can’t view the videos. Only on mini-feeds which update quickly. Is there some kind of setting to change to see all the videos posted by others?

  35. kat Says:

    for some reason I can only recored two minute videos, how can I increase the time of the video I’m trying to leave on a friends wall. I have a macbook, and my friends who have the same exact computer as me can all recored longer videos then me. Please help its driving me insane. At exactly 2 minutes it just stops recording, Thanks.

  36. jackie Says:

    i am able to record videos on my friends walls but i have the same exact problem as kat. it stops automatically at 2 minutes and it is so annoying. how do i fix this?

  37. adam h Says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me pleaseeeeeee i try to record a vid on someones wall and when im done it say unable to save ur video i realy need this to workkk pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me

  38. proudgeek Says:

    Hello folks — I just left (or tried to leave) several video posts on my Facebook wall. I noticed that most of the time I got an error message — sometimes before I even try to record a message, sometimes AFTER I recorded a message. FRUSTRATING!! But at least twice I was able to leave a video post on my wall. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was the confluence of the moon, the stars, the tides, and the particular ups and downs of traffic at that moment.

    I figured out a workaround: I recorded a video on my own using my laptop’s video software, and then uploaded it to Facebook. Not as efficient, but it works.

  39. AmandaandElaina Says:

    We have the SAME PROBLEM! We have tried to record a facebook video all night but it keeps saying ‘error occurred’ PLEASE SOMEONE END THIS MADNESS!!!

  40. Steve Says:

    The only thing that has worked for me is plugging in to Ethernet cable instead of doing it over my wireless, that is the only thing i have ever changed and it only works for me when i use the direct cable instead of wireless

  41. Fabien Says:

    Hey Soo I m french and I m using facebook in french also but some of my american friend can post video on my wall but even if I ve follow your instruction I still can t reccord a video on my friends wall ! =O is that because I m using facebook in french? or didn t I understand your instruction? xD

  42. Rachel Says:

    I can’t post videos on peoples walls, but I can take pictures?? When I click record video it says “Look for Cameras Again”. I have a Mac and I can record videos on a different user and not my own? Maybe I clicked do not ask again on the settings for finding my videos, but how do I get that back? HELP!!!!

  43. rachel Says:

    okay but this does not work for the new Facebook
    i mean the message part yeah
    but you cant record one on someone else’s facebook
    maybe you can, but its just not the same as the old facebook

  44. Katy Says:

    hey… this is a reply for all of the people getting errors when they try to record videos. Once I updated my flash it was completely fine. If you think you have the newest version, just check the website because you might not. If you do, then I don’t know what to tell you. It worked for me though.

  45. Ken Says:

    same problem with me. and facebook won’t reply u about the problem because they knew the video is not working and don’t want to fix it, lazy. it worked aobut three hours ago but not now, WHYYY??? FUCK FB!!

  46. John Says:

    Curioius – any way to post a pre-recorded video on someone’s wall? Something recorded with flip video or something? I can upload to “my” videos, and can ‘share’ this (to MY profile, or via message), but cannot post on someone else’s wall.

  47. sam Says:


    katy is seriously right
    i thought my flash was updated but it wasn’t

    then click “get the latest flash”

    yay my video works again!

  48. Jeff Says:

    Had the same problem here (love that after recording a 15min video message to an old friend).
    I updated flash from that Adobe link, tested a video message and voíla.
    Update your Flash.
    You think FB could drop a simple note in people’s boxes, or have a comment on the message you are about to send to someone, like when you click “record video” saying “please update your flash to the newest HERE, then come back and try”, they could even give you the link. Idiots. The site knows what version of Flash you are running in you machine/browser, why not warn you?
    Tools. I am growing ever-more tired of FB.
    Update your Flash!

  49. Jeff Says:

    Wait – sorry, hold the phone…
    If you are running Skype as well:
    Turn off Skype if it’s running.
    Skype and FB fight over the webcam.
    Then possibly in that case, kill any other software that uses (or may) use the webcam. Do what you gotta do on FB video recording, then fireup whatever you need again (like Skype).
    Yeah I know, but hey – it seems to have fully solved my problem.

  50. David Says:

    Yay! Turning off Skype fixed the “unable to save” problem for me too. Thanks Jeff.

  51. J Ponce Says:

    I’ve been having the same issue despite the fact that I’ve updated to the latest flash software and emptying the cache.some time yes,sometimes no,it’s all a question of luck or timing,any REAL solutions out there?

  52. Chris Says:


    I’m on a macbook with the webcam and flash 10, and I was having a similar problem (“Unable to save your video, please try again”) and I was able to fix it.

    I went into my adobe flash 10 settings and gave facebook an unlimited storage allowance (on the last tab of the settings manager). It magically worked thereafter.

    Please Confirm/Disconfirm the fix

    Hope this helps! Cheers

    • J Ponce Says:

      Thank you Chris for your input,I’ve already set flash 10 to unlimited storage,the strange situation is that the problem is never consistent,but if I go to another browser it may work,I usually start in Safari and after a few attempts I go to Flock(a Mozilla type browser)and it sometimes work,recently I’ve been using Firefox and so far it’s been working,I did however use Safari today and it worked,can’t predict what would happen tomorrow,I wish there was that one magical solution that would fix this issue once and for all…

  53. mr. traffic Says:

    I agree with the post but still there are other ways for obtaining traffic and/or customers.

  54. Ann Says:

    Another good option for video email and video conference is CoVideo Systems.

  55. Jim Says:

    Checked out CoVideo, Ann. Good call. They have some great features. Definitely geared toward business customers. The demo videos are pretty straightforward and show the products in action. Worth a look.

  56. frustratedd!!! Says:

    soo i’ve been trying to leave a video on my friend’s wall for the past 15 minutes.

    i updated my flash, set flash to unlimited storage, tried firefox and safari, turned skype off….

    what is going on facebook??

  57. Daniel Says:

    Re-installed newest version of Flash – still get “look for cameras again”
    Im running a brand new mac book, and facebook can use the webcam to take pictures. This is bullshit.
    Facebook clean this up ASAP.

  58. Go to Adobe Flash and click on their security-privacy information…it opens a site where you can set up your Flash security-privacy choices. I’m having trouble opening even my own movie clips or clips people send me. It says it may be due to a privacy policy. I’ve clicked on every privacy policy from AOL’s and Flash and IE as well as the ones you pull up on your Windows Internet management. The new Adobe Flash 10 says there is a problem now with Java Script. It’s not allowing everything that Flash 9 would.

  59. tristan Says:

    i used to be able to leave video’s on people’s facebook walls but now it says look for cameras again every time i try to leave a video. i’m still able to take pictures with it though. anyone know how to fix it?

  60. Amber Says:

    I am having a problem where this is no record button.

    • Catherine Says:

      I just had the same problem. You have to zoom into the screen. The recording screen is too big so you can’t see it. Try zooming in. it worked for me.

  61. mya Says:

    like an idiot i clicked deny when the adobe screen came up on video messaging and the box that says remember was clicked and now the box wont come back, so i cant send a video message. is there anyway to get the settings box to come back up?

  62. Trevor Says:

    Hello. I have a laptop /w a built-in webcam that I was always able to use just fine on fbook to record. But my quality was junk so I bought a logitech cam for laptops. It’s really good, works just fine. However, I go to send message on fbook and click on the ‘video’ link nothing happens. It wont let me record… any ideas? Thanks!

    • Bill Says:

      Trevor, I’m having the same problem with regards to uploading videos from my drive and sending them in a message over facebook. I can upload videos to my wall but I’m unable to upload videos from my drive to a new message. Any ideas?

  63. Bill Says:

    Trevor, I’m having the same problem with regards to uploading videos from my drive and sending them in a message over facebook. I can upload videos to my wall but I’m unable to upload videos from my drive to a new message. Any ideas?

  64. katie Says:

    Mine still wont work even when i do this. Help me please.

  65. dvdvideoconvertermac Says:

    I would like to send a flip video (on a mac computer) via a facebook message. How to do it? Any help appriated.

    • You’ll need to save that Flip video onto your computer (which you probably already did). Then just go to your profile and click on the video icon. Select the video you’d like to upload, and then upload it.

      That’s it.

  66. Brian Says:

    when i click the video button on someone else’s wall it doesn’t give me the option to record a video or upload one.

  67. Lauren Says:

    Thanks for this, but I have a question I wonder if you can help. Facebook is not loading the video portion of the box. I click on “record with webcam” and I get a spinning circle. What program am I missing?

    Thank you!

  68. Lou Says:

    I left a hilarious video on my friends wall over the summer and the other day we were trying to locate it and after this new “friendship page” thing none of the videos we have recorded on each others walls show up. Is there any way to get them back or see them?

  69. I can’t post videos on peoples walls, but I can take pictures?? When I click record video it says “Look for Cameras Again”. I have a Mac and I can record videos on a different user and not my own? Maybe I clicked do not ask again on the settings for finding my videos, but how do I get that back? Pls help!

  70. heather Says:

    Does anyone know if there is a way to send someone a video (that is already made and saved on my computer) through a private facebook message? I want to send someone a video but I don’t want anyone else to see it and I noticed there is no button to attach a video…

  71. Alexis Says:

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron laptop with a built in webcam which works great.
    I cant post or even record videos on my friends walls !
    I can do everything else with my webcam..
    I can ooVoo, record videos, and take pictures but when i wanna record a video on facebook i get this error message.
    I downloaded Adobe Flash 10 , TWICE !
    It still wont work.
    ughhhh .
    please help me .
    thankks .

  72. hh Says:

    This is ridiculous! I cant find a solution anywhere to the problem so many of you complain about the error: cannot connect to server thing! I’ve tried on my laptop, homecomputer, and my friends laptop

  73. Boochi Says:

    I sent a video mail on facebook to a person. Now I wanna send the same video to someone else or even link it to my wall. Is there any way I can send or share the same video I sent before or I have to do it all over again? Thanks

    • proudgeek Says:

      Hi Boochi – that’s a very good question. You can tag or share videos from your photo / video album. But from a video mail? I’ll have to experiment and check this out.

    • proudgeek Says:

      Nope, Boochi, doesn’t look like there’s a way to re-do / forward a video that was made as part of a video mail. Grr.

  74. i really want this to be done according to how i expect it to be.

  75. Bri Says:

    Hi, I try and message someone a video. I hit the camera thing and it lets me record the video and it lets me send it…. But my friend is telling me that it keeps saying ” Video Unavailable” Then at the bottom in smaller letters it says ” This video has been either removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings” …. I have tried this a couple of times on different people and thats what it keeps doing… Help me?

  76. checktestmail2011 Says:


    I have uploaded the flv file using graph api.But flv is not working at facebook due to setting of param:allowscriptaccess’=>’never’.

    .swf extension file is working.


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