IM’ing via Facebook

September 27, 2007

As if Facebook isn’t already addictive enough!

A while ago, I talked about a way for you to video-chat via your (and your friend’s) Facebook profile via TokBox. And this Friday, a new (but beta) Facebook app allowing people to IM each other will be released. It’ll be called FriendVox, and you’ll be able to have IM conversations with your friends via your Facebook profile. This will apparently be totally separate from the usual popular AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, and other IM networks.

What? You still want to be able to do IM conversations using AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, etc? There is a way.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you might remember one of my earliest blog posts lauding Meebo as THE way to tie together all of your various IM accounts. If you’ve got two different AIM accounts, one Yahoo account, two Gtalk accounts, and one ICM account, why, you only need just one Meebo userID and then add all these different accounts to it. You can then log into all of these accounts at the same time, or only some, or even just one of them. And Meebo is used via the Internet only — no separate program need to be downloaded!

What’s even better: your friends can now IM your Meebo account at any time via your Facebook profile — and if you’re not logged in, they can leave a message.

How? Add the Meebo application to your Facebook profile, and follow the slightly complex instructions. Once you’re done, any of your friends (or even anybody in your network, if you so set it) will be able to send you an IM from your Facebook profile. If you’re logged into Meebo, you’ll get their IM message immediately.

But true, this doesn’t seem work from profile to profile. It only works from profile to your Meebo page. I wonder if FriendVox, the new IM application coming out in beta form this Friday, will alert you of new IM messages from profile to profile if you’re logged in to Facebook and viewing your profile. I wonder how that will work …

Stay tuned! And thanks, Download Squad, for the news about FriendVox.


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