Just what am I doing on my Palm Treo?

September 25, 2007

If you know me even passably well, you will know that I have my nose to my Palm Treo pretty much all the time. I walk while reading / using my Palm Treo. I use it in the car while waiting at red lights. I use it in the elevator at work. I stand in line at Starbucks while reading someting on my Treo. I whip out my Palm Treo whenever I’ve got a few spare SECONDS.

So … Just what am I doing on my Palm Treo 650?

Ah, here’s a quick list of what I might be doing on the Treo at any given moment:

  • Checking out my Mobile Facebook page (including reading and writing on people’s walls, checking on who just joined as a new friend, and reading new Facebook emails;
  • Reading and sending emails via Chatter (see my blog post about setting up push email using Chatter)
  • Reading e-books that I purchased via eReader (believe me, it becomes easy after a while to read books on the Palm, and it’s difficult to go back to the printed page!);
  • Catching up with everyone’s blogs as well as news headlines using Google Reader’s mobile page;
  • Making sure there’s no traffic on my way home via Google Maps Mobile;
  • Checking out my Proud Geek blog stats via WordPress’s admittedly bare-bones mobile page;
  • Playing either Bubblet or WordPop!;
  • Maintaining my to-do list and generally managing info via either Vitalist’s mobile page or Bonsai;
  • Checking the weather via Accuweather’s mobile page;
  • Writing documents and spreadsheets via Docs to Go;
  • Browsing the Internet using Googlizer (via Google’s mobile page) to optimize webpages for smartphones;

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Mr. Proud Geek makes it sound like his Palm Treo 650 is just like a laptop!” then you’re exactly right. Exactly right.

That’s me, Mr. Proud Geek, in the photo below. I’m at the Miami Seaquarium, holding my younger daughter and using my Treo while dolphins frolic and splash us all. (In the photo, I’m actually emailing fellow Treo fanatic Chris.  Click on the photo for a larger version.)

Good news: my younger daughter finally quit her pacifier a few days ago. Hooray!

Mr. Proud Geek being a geek


4 Responses to “Just what am I doing on my Palm Treo?”

  1. Bill Says:

    On My BB

    Reading and sending emails via Exchange
    Google Maps Mobile
    Getting Task List Reminders
    Taking notes
    AOL Instant Messaging
    Receiving Server and web update alerts
    Managing My Busy schedule with Outlook Calendar and Contacts
    Checking out my movie showtimes (celebrationcinema.com should go mobile auto for you)
    Calling People

  2. -ck Says:

    I do all of the above…including:

    Task list
    Calendar (have all of sporting events of the high school I work at)

    Oops…I’m sure Barry still doesn’t forget that moment where I was paging you!

  3. Todd Sherman Says:

    I’m the creator of the game WordPop. Thank you for mentioning my game. Keep up the great blog.

  4. Paul Says:

    Zoho have the izoho for the iphone, What about on the Treo?
    It would be great!!

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