Palm Treo 500v Unveiled

September 12, 2007

Palm Treo 500vThe latest Palm Treo model has been unveiled!

The Palm Treo 500v is the slimmest Treo ever, and it comes with a nice upgrade of features, including:

  • Delivery of MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail emails as they arrive — a very nice touch, considering that it was difficult in the past to get push email on Windows-based Palm Treos without an Exchange server
  • 2.0 megapixel camera for sharp pictures and videos
  • 150mb of memory — plenty for all of your music and videos that you’d play with the built-in Windows Media Player Mobile.

(EDIT: Some downsides. The screen is non-touch — the first time ever for a Palm Treo. Makes it more akin to a Blackberry, eh? Also, the keyboard’s smaller than other Treos, so if you’re stubby-fingered, well …)

You want one? If you’re living in North America, you’re outta luck for a while — the Palm Treo 500v is only available in several countries in Europe for the time being.

Do I want one? No, because I want a Treo that runs on Palm OS. But I could be swayed if the software is right …

If you’re wondering — yes, the “500v” is a lower number than some of the latest Palm Treos out there (680, 700, 755). This apparently reflects the fact that this would be more inexpensive, and may be available for just $99 with a good voice plan.


2 Responses to “Palm Treo 500v Unveiled”

  1. Bill Says:

    How do Treos compare with the Sprint Palm Centro?

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Bill! The Palm Centro is actually almost identical to the Treo 755p. I think it’s Palm’s attempt to re-brand the Treo into something less professional / geeky and more hip and cool. :-/

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