i711 Merges With HOVRS

September 12, 2007

GoAmerica logoIt was only recently that GoAmerica, i711’s parent company, merged with Verizon. And today it was announced that GoAmerica will be acquiring, uh, merging with Hands On VRS as well.

HOVRS logoi711 seems well on its way to becoming a veriable juggernaunt — will we end up with just several VRS providers soon? True, there are still quite a few VRS providers (13 at my last count). But let’s face it — there comes a time when many VRS providers will exit the market or be brought out — and then we’ll be left with just a few (if not just one).

Any guesses which ones we’ll end up with? Two months ago, I would have thought Verizon’s VRS would still be standing on its own, and that i711 would’ve been acquired by someone else. But, instead, i711 gobbled Verizon VRS right up. But my guess: Sorenson versus i711 versus Sprint (unless Sprint gets out of the market too) …


4 Responses to “i711 Merges With HOVRS”

  1. Richard Roehm Says:

    Verizon has been great! Theyre getting a great company under them!

  2. DeafSpook Says:

    Roehm – What are you? Are you a retard? Verizon SOLD to GoAmerica (i711), which merged if not acquired HOVRS which already is having some sort of partnership if not merger going on with Sprint.

  3. Richard Roehm Says:

    Huh? Verizon stays and we’re going to be handling some of their operations in the near future. We were at Verizon yesterday.

  4. Huh? Another merger? What happened in 2005? See http://www.goamerica.com/news/pr.php?action=view&article=255 for details.

    This doesn’t make sense at all. Sounds like a shoddy business deal to me. Hahahaaaa

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