Skycars coming soon? I think not.

September 11, 2007

Could we be getting skycars, hovercars, flying cars anytime soon? I don’t think so.

Just got wind of a “skycar” in development. Here’s a video.

At first, I thought, “Hooray, now we can finally get some hovercars and live up my dream of getting past all those traffic jams in my area!” (Never mind that all these new hovercars would create their own traffic jams.)

But after watching this video, and finding out that the developer has been working on this for decades, I’m left with a sick feeling: this ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

The skycar looks too awkward, a crane is needed to ensure the safety of the rider(s), and it seems to veer to the left or right just a bit too much.

But if you really, really want to have one sooner, it looks like you can buy one for between $90,000 and $450,000. A drawback: the FAA has apparently not certified these Skycars for use in public areas.

Dang. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer. And dream.

(Thanks, Andrew Sullivan, one of my favorite bloggers. Hey, Andrew, congratulations on your wedding! I’m waiting for the day I can do this in Maryland with my partner, with our daughters as flower girls and ring-bearers.)


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