Drooling over Groovle

September 10, 2007

I use Google several times every day.  Its standard home page is quite plain, and that’s actually the way it ought to be.  It loads easily and quickly, and is easy on the eyes.  (If you’re using iGoogle, sometimes it can take a few seconds to load — that’s why I still use the original, plain Google website.)

Google plain screen

But there are times when I want this Google page to be somewhat jazzed up, yet load as quickly.  And by jazzed up, I don’t mean dressed up with widgets and useful information.  I meant, dressed up with someone I’d like to, ahem, drool over.

And then I tried Groovle.

Ah, now there’s a great idea that actually pretty much signifies nothing!  Groovle presents a search field and page much like Google’s, and in fact it brings you to Google for its search results.  But where Groovle truly glows is the fact that it uses a large photo of someone or something of your choice on its homepage.  It could be your favorite celebrity, animal, nature scene, or even a photo you upload.  I quickly found a page featuring a large photo of Nick Lachey, one of my favorite celebrities next to the search box.  I’m going to use this page as my search page from now on!

Groovle Nick Lachey

I wonder what my partner will pick as his favorite search page.  I hope it’s not something corny like a chihuahua next to the search box …

Groovle Chihuahua

What would YOU pick as your favorite search picture / page on Groovle?

(Thanks, TechCrunch!)


3 Responses to “Drooling over Groovle”

  1. Barry Says:

    Hey, he is mine!! Oh, I mean Nick.

  2. tayler Says:

    Because it takes time, however little, to download the “original, plain Google website”, I prefer to hit a key shortcut to enter my search term in the upper right corner of my browser (Firefox and Safari). It’s much faster. I’m known as the minimalist, because anything more gets in my way. Cool website though.

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Ha, Tayler, I do the same too — I use that upper right corner for IMDB, Google, Wikipedia, and several other services as well. But there are times when I just gotta see the search page — don’t ask me why. (But hmm, wouldn’t Nick distract me? Hmm.)

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