Cute wuzzy fuzzy friend for your Treo (and iPod)

September 7, 2007

Ruphus Fun Friend casePalm Treos look great, but they’re starting to look aged in comparison to all the newer phones coming out — especially the iPhone. Now there’s a way to dress up your (and my) Palm Treo — with a “Fun Friend” case on sale at

Honey, I want one for Hannukah / Christmas! In fact, I want the Ruphus case.

I know, I know, putting a Fun Friend case on my Treo 650 will make it difficult to put into my favorite case — the Smartphone Experts P6 Pouch Case. Who cares. Maybe I can squeeze Ruphus in.’s blog has some photos of butch military folks (of both genders) in cameo fatigues enjoying Fun Friends on their smartphones / iPods. With friends like these, you can’t go wrong …


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