More Toy Recalls: Pixar Sarge, Barbie, and Magnetic Playsets

August 14, 2007

Sarge JeepMattel just issued its second (actually, second, third, and fourth) recall in two weeks: Pixar’s Sarge jeep (lead paint), the Barbie with Tanner set (magnetic hazard), and numerous magnetic playsets (magnetic hazard). My daughter has the Sarge jeep, and my younger daughter loves to nibble on it. Sigh. This new recall(s) covers hundreds of thousands nine MILLION cars, dolls, and magnetic toys, including those with the following themes: Doggie Daycare, Polly Pocket, and Batman / Magna. Only last week, Mattel recalled over a million Dora, Spongebob, and Elmo toys.Barbie with Tanner

All these toys were assembled and/or painted in China. And remember other recent recalls having to do with food and toys also from China? Pet food infused with toxin, Thomas the Tank Engine’s wooden railway toys, and now these two sets of massive Mattel toy recalls. What’s next? (The recent recall of Easy-Bake ovens, although made in China, is probably more because of a design flaw.)

According to the Wall Street Journal, executives of the Chinese manufacturer that had caused the first Mattel recall “were required to sign a new safety contract” after the first recall even though they had apparently earlier agreed to these (or similar) safety standards. Magnetic playsetsThese executives knew of our safety standards, and yet apparently disregarded them. This shows a lack of accountability — and yes, perhaps even a lack of regard for our laws and customs. And this lack of regard is causing our children and pets to sicken and die.

It’s high time we start buying things made only in the United States. At least until we know that executives in China are paying more than just lip service to the safety of our children, our pets, and us.

(Edit: this just became the lead article of and is prominently displayed on


9 Responses to “More Toy Recalls: Pixar Sarge, Barbie, and Magnetic Playsets”

  1. […] 2nd, 2007 (Edit as of August 14, 2007: There has been a new toy recall by Mattel, this time of the Pixar Sarge jeep, the Barbie and Tanner set, and several magnetic playsets […]

  2. Alison Says:

    This is headline news in the UK too. The last time your blogged about this, it didn’t make the news … perhaps not products that are shipped over here.

    I agree re local produce, less environmental impact too.

  3. Madge Says:

    The Aussies were hit hard by the recall too. Typically these things don’t affect me, but in May I had to toss Thomas the Train, yesterday I tossed Dora, and now today the NYTimes tells me my new Toys R Us bib might be tainted with lead. What the heck, people!

    I’m afraid, as you mention in your post, we’ll see more execs scapegoating China. I read an interesting post about how the “pr spin” from Mattel and other individual companies obfuscates the bigger problem. It’s a call for accountability. Good read…

  4. Lisa C. Says:

    Why weren’t the Rose Art Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets being recalled a couple years ago?? The little boy died after swallowing two magnet balls and some parents tried everything to have then recalled but they are still on the store shelves.

  5. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Lisa C — I believe the Magnetix building sets were recalled late last year or early this year. I bought them for my older daughter about two years ago, and then the magnetic pieces started to come off. The recall was soon after that …

  6. wcg Says:

    Do I understand correct that the Polly Pockets and Batman recall is only for magnets and notlead? I am getting confused on the reason for the recall. Could you help me out?

  7. proudgeek Says:

    WCG – you’re right, the Barbie, Polly Pockets, Doggie Daycare, and Batman recalls are for magnets that could come loose and be swallowed (and then infect / puncture a child’s stomach). The Sarge jeep, Elmo / Dora / SpongeBob, and Thomas the Tank Engine recalls are for lead paint.

  8. […] 18th, 2007 A few days ago, the Pixar Sarge jeep by Mattel was recalled due to lead paint applied in China. I had bought one for my daughter from Target. I went shopping […]

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