Bendable Batteries Coming Soon?

August 14, 2007

First it was razor-thin bendable televisions.

And now we may soon get bendable batteries!

Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a battery that looks like paper, and “can be bent or twisted, trimmed with scissors or molded into any shape needed.” 

The technicalities of this breakthrough is beyond my comprehension, but according to the Breitbart article, it involves “paper infused with an electrolyte and carbon nanotubes that are embedded in the paper.  The carbon nanotubes form the electrodes, the paper is the separator and the electrolyte allows the current to flow.”  If there’re anybody who understands this, would you mind explaining this?

I’ve got a fantasy … Of folding (ok, ok, rolling up) a 60-inch television screen with batteries included, and putting it into my back pocket.  And then I go camping, and once I set up my tent, I could pull out the 60-inch television screen and string it up between trees.  And lie back and watch television and cook smores, with the sunset glinting off a nearby lake.  Now, won’t that be paradise?

Well, actually, being the Proud Geek I am, I’d druther a campground with wi-fi and high-speed Internet over being able to take my large-screen television with me!


2 Responses to “Bendable Batteries Coming Soon?”

  1. Bill Says:

    But I would like to fold my laptop and put it in my pocket!
    And I would LOVE to have lighter batteries, lighter laptops!

  2. Andy Says:

    Bendable batteries are already here Check out batteries by Ultralife Batteries (ULBI),

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