Sorenson Adds Call-Waiting

August 10, 2007

You’re having fun vp’ing (videophone-ing) with your best buddy who lives across the country, and you talk for hours and hours. Then you hang up and find out that other friends (or, heaven forbid, your mother!) had been trying to vp you with important news. Hearing folks has had it easy for many years; with call-waiting, they can hear a beep on their phone when someone else’s trying to call. We deafies hasn’t had something similar.

Sorenson logoUntil now. Sorenson recently announced that they’ve added call-waiting functionality for users of its VP-200 videophones.

Now, for those lucky VP-200 users, when another call comes in while they’re talking with someone, a visual notification will appear on the television screen. The user can then put the first caller on hold and talk with the new caller before returning to the first caller.

Mean Girls movieAh, the freedom to be like one of those Mean Girls, constantly switching back and fro between callers and playing games with each other! I’m positively salivating at the prospect. Too bad I’ve still got a VP-100 videophone … Hey, Sorenson, can I have a VP-200 soon? Pretty please?


4 Responses to “Sorenson Adds Call-Waiting”

  1. jj Says:

    drawback on sorenson is to give ones to people who actually use their relay svc. Iam one who don’t use their svc. I only use other better quality svc!

  2. sorenson sucks Says:

    sorenson’s equipment is as appealing as mcdonald’s wrapper is to kids. However, mcdonald’s burger sucks and its not healthy for you. Same with sorenson, their services and quality sucks and their customer services is horrible. Forget their equipment, go for webcams or stick with those dlink video phone, and use HOVRS, csdvrs, and others…

  3. danny Says:

    i711 has been funded to a great degree (like, maybe, plus 100M) and now has taken over Verizon’s service, or is taking over….What does it offer that other services do not or does it do it better? You haven’t written about it so far.

  4. proudgeek Says:

    Hi danny — I like i711 a lot, and I like its “pep,” the services it offers, and its response to / involvement with the deaf community. I did write briefly about i711 when summarizing all the video relay services on this page:

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