Azooca Mail — another video mail service

August 6, 2007

Azooca Logo

Video mail is certainly beginning to come out of the woodworks! I recently reviewed EyeJot, and now there’s a competitor — Azooca Mail.

Azooca Mail is similar to EyeJot in that Azooca Mail provides you with your own email address (, and allows you to record a video of up to 60 seconds. It’s free, and its interface is okay. I was able to record a video in no time at all, and send it to a friend of mine. My friend then got an email with a big button; upon pressing that button, he was able to instantly view my video email (after a two-second advertisement). Easy. The friend could then quickly sign up or sign in and respond with another video email or with a text-only email.

Azooca mail screenshot

I felt that EyeJot was the better of the two. EyeJot’s interface feels better, and more importantly, if I got new video email at my EyeJot account, Eyejot would send a notification to my primary or pager email address. Otherwise, I’d never have known that someone sent me video email to my EyeJot account! It doesn’t seem as if Azooca Mail would notify me if I get new email.

Nonetheless, it’s very nice to see more and more video email services coming out! The competition will just drive each other to add more and more features, and keep the prices low (or free!).

Azooca Screenshot


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