My Next Smartphone?

August 1, 2007

I think I know what may be my next smartphone purchase. No, not the iPhone for the reasons I already stated before (although I could still be persuaded). Nor the Blackberry Curve, even though it is on the market now. Nor the Treo 680, even though I’d recommended it to my friends and colleagues.

Verizon Palm Treo 755pI want the Palm Treo 755p with Verizon service. While this has not been officially announced by Verizon or Palm, rumors have been buzzing that its release is imminent. (Photo via EngadgetMobile and Treonauts)

I love my Palm Treo 650, but it’s definitely showing my age. The Treo 755p comes with faster Internet browsing, a better camera, a somewhat better-looking screen, a bit faster processing speed, and much more memory. It also has a smaller form factor (the shape of the unit itself), and the antenna is finally inside the unit itself instead of sticking out one side of the unit like some scary Matt Groening’s “Life is Hell” rabbit.

Why not the Treo 680? Because the 755p has a bit better battery life (altho not as good as the 650, ironically enough), and the 755p is somewhat more advanced.

Why must I have Verizon service? Ah, because it works (although with holes in coverage) in the subway tunnels throughout the DC area, and has the best reach throughout the USA of any carrier I’ve tried in the past. And Verizon is indeed very reliable.

Why must it have the Palm operating system, and not Windows Mobile? Because of several programs I just can’t live without, which only runs on the Palm operating system — Chatter Email, Bonsai, and Genius.

There are a few things I’m still wishing for, and which the 755p won’t have. Built-in wifi is high up on the list. A much more modern version of the Palm operating system would be divine – the current version has been round for years. Multi-tasking would be fabulous. And a better Internet browser would just be icing on the cake.

Treonauts has a super-duper-handy Treo comparison chart if you want to see the differences between Palm Treos out there.

iPhone freaks have had their day. Soon, it’s gonna be my day. Unless Palm announces something even more wonderful soon …


6 Responses to “My Next Smartphone?”

  1. Barry Says:

    Go for it!!

  2. Seek Geo Says:


    Out of curiosity, why you did not want blackberry curve? I think 755p sounds great but I heard a few bad things about treo especially treo 700wx where you have to purchase Mundu or IM plus one time fee and a few others I can’t think on top of my head.

    I’m struggling between 755p and bb curve but soon I have to move to Tri-Cities which is 3 hours east of Seattle so I heard often that AT&T (and Cingular) have best reception there compare to other services.

    So that’s the main reason I am thinking about bb curve with AT&T.

    But then again, I like 755p despite a few issues.


  3. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Geo! I think the Curve’s a good choice, but I need something more geek-worthy, grin. I use a lot of programs on the Treo that I just cannot live without. And I don’t like Treos running on Windows Mobile myself (like the 700wx) because they don’t have true push email like I do with Treos running on Palm (via Chatter). Yes, Treos need a lot of tweaking of programs and settings to keep them running — that’s why *I* love them, heh heh.

  4. seekgeo Says:


    Ah, the way it sounds like, maybe bb curve works better for me after all. I’m no geek like you, he he. ;-)

    I only care for IMs, e-mail and text messaging, that’s what I use the most along with internet to pull up a few sites is good enough.

    Glad you posted this one, now I finally know exactly what I want.

    Thanks again! :-D


  5. Proud Geek Says:

    Hi again, SG – happy to help out! Yes, I think for most people, the Palm Treos would just be too complicated. Let me know what you think of the Curve!

  6. Hello,

    Just let you know that several friends and I have Palm 755p under Sprint. It’s been pretty good to us so far.

    I can go and explain pro and con with you sometime in near future via AIM or VP.

    Let me know.


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