Back In Town, And What I Used

July 31, 2007

Hello all! I’m back in town after nearly two weeks in the far Northwest — Seattle and the suburbs of Vancouver, B.C. It was strange not blogging the entire time. There were times when I was just itchin’ to get down and start blogging.

And it was strange too not being near the Internet for long stretches of time. But I had some geek things (mostly on my Palm Treo) to make up for it and alleviate some of my itchin’:

  • eReader and several ebooks (thank you, Nora Roberts!) on my Treo
  • The seventh Harry Potter book! (ok, nothing electronic here, but it does rate high on the geek-o-meter)
  • Genius! from Hobbyist Software. See my previous review of it. It’s a nifty Treo program that finds information fast for you. I used it for checking my flight information and finding other information quickly — see the next several bullet points.
  • The Wikipedia (used via Genius!) to look up nifty tidbits on Seattle and any other trivia stuff I could think of.
  • IMDB (again, used via Genius!) to delve into obscure information like what was the name of the guy who played Superman on TV back in the mid-1900’s (George Reeves).
  • Google (yet again, used via Genius!) to find yet even more obscure information like what the highest points in Seattle are (as well as the steepest streets).
  • Google Reader (used via both my Treo and on the laptop) to keep up with news headlines, blogs, weather forecasts, my favorite comic strips, etc etc.

No matter how much I loved Seattle, it’s good to be home in suburban Maryland.


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