Update for Google Maps Mobile for the Treo

July 12, 2007

Good news for intrepid folks who (like me) like to navigate down city streets with their Treo’s in front of them telling them where to go: Google Maps Mobile has been significantly updated, with new features that just begs you to use them.

A while ago, I hailed Google Maps Mobile as one of the best apps ever for the Treo. It still is, and this update is pretty much icing on the cake. A quick overview of the new features added in this update — see this Treonaut blog for screenshots:

  • In map view, there are now several icons across the top of the screen – find location, find nearby business, directions, show traffic, and view satellite. The last two icons change to show whether traffic / satellite is turned on or not – a nice touch.
  • You can now look up and pull an address from your Treo’s contacts – another very nice feature. You can also save addresses into a new contact on your Treo. Of course, I don’t make it a habit of saving the address of just about every Starbucks I need to find and navigate to. But I’ve often found the need to copy and paste addresses of my friends. This new feature saves time and a lot of stylus-presses.
  • Traffic information (when turned on) is now auto-refreshed every 60 seconds. I just wish there weren’t so much grey (signifying no information for that stretch of the freeway) sometimes.
  • Some menu options have been simplified. For example, “Erase All” has been changed to “Reset Google Maps…,” “Show / Hide Traffic” is now just “Show Traffic,” “View / Hide Satellite” is now “View Satellite,” and more.
  • “Directions to” and “Directions from” options have been updated to make it somewhat easier to use.

There’re still (at least!) three things I’m hoping Google will soon incorporate:

  • Auto-checking for version updates (but giving the user the choice of auto-installing new updates, informing the user of new updates, or just don’t check for new updates).
  • Auto-reseting Google Maps when the Google tile cache gets too large (i.e., user should be able to set it to auto-reset and erase the tile cache when it grows past 1 megabytes).
  • The ability to quickly switch addresses in the “To” and “From” fields when doing directions (I often end up with the destination address in the top field instead of the bottom field; a quick “Switcheroo” button like what Google Maps has on its website would save a few stylus presses).

(Thanks, Treonauts!)


3 Responses to “Update for Google Maps Mobile for the Treo”

  1. Windows or Palm version?


  2. proudgeek Says:

    This is for the Palm version, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Windows version has been updated as well. Go to http://www.google.com/gmm and then download the latest version. Could you let us know here if the Windows version indeed has the new features (row of icons across the top, and the ability to copy / paste from your contacts)?

  3. I have Google Maps on my Windows-based Treo for few months now. I will check if there’s any update — however all features seems already in this current version.

    BTW, it would be nice if you mention if it is palm or windows (or both) on your blog next time :)

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