Toccer is a Winner

July 10, 2007

Toccer parent company logoAs part of my ongoing review of the various IM programs available for the Palm Treo 650, I tried out Toccer.

I like it. A lot. While it doesn’t have nearly as many features as other top-ranked IM programs, it does the basic function of IM’ing very well. And reliably. And, oh, it’s FREE — at least, for now. (There’s a paid version for a mere $6.95 – see below.)

Some thoughts — ranked by pro’s and then con’s:


  • Very small program, at 82k — a relief after seeing several other programs that takes up a good chunk of the rather miniscule memory on my Treo 650.
  • It’s free.
  • Registration onto AIM was quick and easy — and when I changed from “offline” to “online,” my buddy list loaded without any problems.
  • It doesn’t have any “frills” like most of the other IM programs available for the Treo, but it does do the basic function well: it IMs.
  • It’s free.
  • The interface is simple and very easy to use — probably the easiest I’ve seen. And it matches the Treo 650’s decor very well — no gaudy fonts or colors (unless you’ve set yours that way via Prefs!).
  • It’s free. Actually, there’s a paid version (for $6.95), with a few more features which I don’t particularly want: hyperlinked chat logs, PalmOS integrated find support, and exportable logs.
  • Toccer connects directly to AIM’s servers, and not through Toccer’s website servers. Less failures, which I see with other IM programs.  And if Atomic Cog (which developed Toccer) ever goes out of business, Toccer would still work — unlike Verichat!
  • It’s free.
  • Starts very quickly when you go back to the program from another app — very nice.
  • Stayed connected overnight – a great achievement! Most IM programs inadverently disconnect after a while for one reason or another.
  • It’s free. ;-)

Toccer screenshotCons:

  • Only for AIM — no Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, etc. Big minus.  But I think Atomic Cog has this feature on its to-do list.
  • When I get an IM while using another app on my Treo, I only get an alert screen telling me that I’ve got an unread IM and listing what the IM says. I can’t respond using that screen — instead, I have to click on “Go to” which takes me to the Toccer app. Some other IM programs allow me to reply without leaving the app that I was using.
  • Some of my buddies customize their away messages to say something about what they’re REALLY doing or thinking. But Toccer doesn’t show these customized messages — it only shows “(away)” next to the person’s handle.
  • Alerts are somewhat customizable — tones and volumes have good options, but vibrate seems to be limited. However, when alert is set to “insistent,” it will bug me every minute or so till I read or dismiss it — nice feature (I think!). Waitamin, when I set alerts to “subtle,” it still bugged me every minute. That bugs me — what if I want to ignore it, say, during a meeting — and it keeps buzzing and buzzing and buzzing every minute even though I’ve set alerts to “subtle.” Not good.
  • Because Toccer connects directly to AIM’s servers, it doesn’t support simultaneous multiple AIM sign-ins.
  • Doesn’t show colors and fonts used by the person you’re IM’ing with.
  • Can’t customize your colors and fonts.
  • Can’t show date-time stamps.
  • Only available for the Treo 600 and Treo 650 – both of which aren’t made anymore. Wonder if this works on the newer Treos running on Palm OS.
  • Eventually caused a reset (after 24 hours – actually not too bad) — and then did not re-connect automatically.
  • Toccer is by Atomic Cog.  Atomic Cog used to update Toccer every couple months, but the most recent update was last March, and the previous update before that was June 2006.  Worrisome.

So, let’s see about the rankings thus far. Causerie still comes on top, with Mundu Messenger a relatively close second. Toccer is third due to its reliability and price tag, WebMessenger is fourth, IM+ a distant fifth, and EQO Mobile still in last place (although EQO has recently been significantly updated — I will check out the new version soon).


2 Responses to “Toccer is a Winner”

  1. Just let you know that Toccer works great on my 755p. It rocks! Simple yet fast than most of IM progams I’ve tried so far.

    Thanks for bring it up :)

  2. Proud Geek Says:

    That’s good to know! Thanks.

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