Several New Google Maps Features

July 5, 2007

Google Maps has long been my favorite mapping website, and several recent features has made it even better.

When mapping directions from one point to another, you usually can see a blue path marking the route Google is suggesting to you. But what if you want to avoid a certain highway, or if you want to take your favorite scenic route on the way? You can now click on any portion of the blue path marking the route and drag it to a different street or town or highway. And as you drag, Google Maps will quickly and automatically re-configure the path to give you the best directions along the new path you’ve picked out. Awesome.

Google Maps click and drag

An additional new feature: you can now click on the start or ending point (the green arrow or the red square, within balloon icons) and drag it to a different point. As you drag, you’d see a small white box with the street name and closest intersection. Kick-ass feature!

As if these two new features aren’t enough, Google went and added a third feature that I’d found sorely lacking in the past (and which I sometimes used Yahoo Maps just for this feature): the ability to right-click anywhere on the map (and not just on the route) and add that point as a new destination. Might not sound like much, but how often have you browsed a map, found the place you needed, and then wanted to do directions to THAT place but didn’t know the exact address? “Um, um, I know there’s a 7-Eleven on that corner, and we’re to meet in that parking lot, but I don’t know the address …” Now you can just find that spot on the map, right-click on that spot, and pick “Add a destination.” Google, I’m dumping my long-time partner, and will you marry me?  :-P  (Barry, I’m kidding — I swear!)

Google Maps add destination


3 Responses to “Several New Google Maps Features”

  1. Alison Says:

    Poor Barry! :)

  2. Belle Says:

    Awesome! What’ll they think of next?! Teleportation?

  3. Bill Says:

    They’re always thinkin’

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