Viewing Captioned Videos on Google Video

July 3, 2007

Google Video logoGoogle Video — a close cousin of the more well-known YouTube service — has a feature where it can display closed captions. And you can turn the captions on or off just by pressing the “CC” button. Niiiice.

Here’s a list of selected videos with captions. Clicking on any of the videos on this list displays the video on a separate page (with video screens a bit larger than YouTube’s videos, I should mention) — with captions turned on by default at the bottom. Clicking on the “CC” button at the bottom turns captions off if needed.

Google Video captioning screenshot

Here’s the announcement by a deaf Google employee of this captioning functionality, from nearly a year ago. A Google help page explains how to add captions / subtitles to your video; this is actually done via a separate file created by a program much like Subtitle Workshop and which is already being done for the shows we see on television. Hopefully more and more content providers will upload these separate captioning files along with the shows and clips being sent to Google Video.

Nice to see a major video website provider with this type of functionality. Hope the others implement this as well.


6 Responses to “Viewing Captioned Videos on Google Video”

  1. billcreswell Says:

    Now if I could export my overstream titles as .SRT….

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Bill — I got into touch with the administrator of Overstream about being able to export subtitles into a .srt file. He said there have been requests for this option, and this option (and a full-screen video view) is at the top of the list of things for him to do. He’s been swamped doing stuff for another start-up he’s doing, has a conference coming up, lots other stuff. But he said he’ll get to this when things lighten up!

    He asked a good question: should there be any “mark-ups” (I assume rich text / HTML features like colors and font styles?) exported as well into the .srt file? He has a forum thread going on about this at the following link:

    Stay tuned! When this feature goes live, I’ll be sure to announce it as well.

  3. paule Says:

    you can change srt to code at – there you can also find a program, to create subtitles for….

  4. kom Says:

    I wrote an small Java application which can download and convert Google Video’s captions to SRT format. It can be found at If it doesn’t work correctly downloading subtitles, try to do it manually. There are webpages explaining how to do it manually.

  5. […] Web video captioning needs to be at a similar place, where captions are easily read and created regardless of what video player, computer platform or content creator one is using. (Google video has one of the larger collections of captioned video, in part because the ability turn on and off captioning is a Google video proprietary feature. For more on this, see ProudGeek’s post from last year.)  […]

  6. Bill Says:

    Obviously, this is an older article, so many may know – overstream does support .srt export/import now, and youtube and google both support .srt import.

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