Thomas the Tank Engine Recall

July 2, 2007

(UPDATE 9/28/07: five more Thomas the Tank Engine train sets were recalled. See related blog post about these recalls of the All Black Cargo Car, “Toad” vehicle with brake lever, Olive Green Sodor Cargo Box, All Green Maple Tree Top, and Green Signal Base.)

James the trainMy 3-year-old daughter is absolutely crazy over her Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway train set — all the wooden trains that magnetically link together (and which, if you have too many coupled together, becomes prone to derailing!), the wooden tracks that can easily be joined together or torn asunder into many configurations, the different accessories that come with these train sets, the zillions of books and videos out there, etc etc …

James' tenderSo it was quite a shock to find out that some of the wooden trains and accessories were recalled last month due to lead in the paint. Apparently, on some of these units, the paint has lead in it and can be toxic for young children. The paint (mostly bright red) were applied while still at the manufacturer in China, and then the units were shipped into the USA and Canada as well as elsewhere.

I checked the trains my daughter had, and it turns out two or three of these trains (including the two pictured above) were on the recall list. Not good news, particularly since my younger 1-year-old daughter had been gnawing on these trains for the past several months. And especially since most of the recall has to do with the train character named James, which is actually my favorite because of its bright red color and plucky personality.

The recall comes with instructions on how to get replacements, as well as a return form. Here’s a picture of all of the recalled trains and accessories. Click on it to see a larger version.

Thomas recalled units

If your kid (or you!) have one of these Thomas the Tank Engine trains or accessories, be sure to return it for a replacement. Sigh.


10 Responses to “Thomas the Tank Engine Recall”

  1. Hetty Says:

    I’m as used to be my son’s favorite..he’s now 17. I still have those to pass it on to his children :)

    P.S. Don’t know if you remember me..met you once or twice, maybe via my brother Ira.

  2. Proud Geek Says:

    Hi Hetty! Yes, I remember you – nice to hear from you, and thanks for your comment. Your son’s seventeen! Gosh, where does the time go??

  3. […] 2nd, 2007 On top of the recent Thomas the Tank Engine recall that included several of my daughters’ toys, Fisher Price just announced a huge recall of 83 […]

  4. […] other recent recalls having to do with food and toys also from China? Pet food infused with toxin, Thomas the Tank Engine’s wooden railway toys, and now these two sets of massive Mattel toy recalls. What’s next? (The […]

  5. Grace Beaulieu Says:

    I am very concerned for the health of my grandchildren.
    We have a lot of Thomas the train sets. Please provide me with a list of all which are affected the trains and accessories.

    Mailing address: Beaulieu
    12 Packard Drive
    Merrimack, N. H. 03054

  6. proudgeek Says:

    Here’s a PDF document listing each Thomas the Tank Engine toy that is covered under the recall. I’ll also email this list to you. Good luck!

  7. Rhonda Jeff. Says:

    OOOHHHH,I am vry terrified about this 6 yr old son has always been a true thomas fan,When i heard this on the news I had to record it for him,you should have saw the look in his face to hear this.He has all the sets,books,curtains,bed clothings,PJs ,shoes,under pants,back pack,house slippers and much more and they say just send certain items back,Hugh….what do I look like?…The lady who brought the pumpkin to town..I will make an appointment with Pediatrician.

  8. Tera Says:

    Now this recall is only for the wooden items, right? My son has dozens of the metal ones and it makes me a little nervous to let him play with them. Someone let me know if the metal ones are ok. e- mail me at – (edited) thank you

  9. […] 28th, 2007 Last June, RC2 recalled a good number of Thomas the Tank Engine toys because of lead paint. And now RC2 is recalling even more Thomas the Tank Engine toys due to lead […]

  10. Tarn Says:

    I found out Toyota is considering recalling some vehicles as a result of acceleration troubles . My friend has a Toyota, can the vehicle be driven before it’s replaced?

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