Low on Juice while at the Beach?

June 25, 2007

Solar Power ToteAre you such a gadget addict that you’re willing to risk sand and surf on your pager / smartphone while at the beach? If you are, well, welcome to the club! Me too — I just gotta have my trusty Palm Treo at the beach. What if a freak hurricane decides to head our way? I gotta stay ‘plugged’ into the Internet and gotta get my email.

But, waitamin, what if we stay at the beach so long that our pagers get low on juice (battery power)?

No problem — just make sure you’ve got a Juice Bag (otherwise known as a Solar Beach Tote) from Reware Products.

What’s a Juice Bag? Ah, it’s a beach bag, like the ones we lug to the beach stuffed with towels, extra clothes, toys, and lotions. But this one comes with thin, ultra-light solar power panels built into the sides of the bag. You can re-charge your pager, smartphone, Blackberry, whatever by plugging your device using your device’s usual car adaptor into the Juice Bag. Solar panels can be removed to make ite easier to wash all the sand out of the tote.

Soooo ingenious! But it doesn’t come cheap — it’d set you back a hefty $249.99.

See you at the beach! (Thanks, TMZ!)


3 Responses to “Low on Juice while at the Beach?”

  1. LARRY Says:

    That was such a cool idea…until I saw the price. Blah! :-)

  2. happy Says:

    You have it already?

  3. Proud Geek Says:

    No, unhappily enough, I don’t have one.

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