Gear up, Zoho!

June 11, 2007

A couple weeks ago, Google Gears was released. Google Gears makes it possible for applications you usually use via the Internet to be used even when the computer / laptop isn’t hooked up to the Internet.

I’ve repeatedly extolled the virtues of moving online — doing word processing online, doing your spreadsheets online, doing your taxes online, etc. No need to buy and download a separate program like Microsoft Office to do your word processing — instead, use Zoho Writer or Google Docs to do all of your letters. (However, I cannot delete the blasted page URL address from the top of each printed page! Any ideas?)

Zoho logoThere’s one big downside to moving online and using applications like Zoho Writer or Google Docs: if you want to take your laptop with you onto the plane or the commuter train to edit your paper, well, you can’t edit it because your paper is still on the Internet and you’re not hooked up to the Internet.

Google Gears comes to the rescue! Gears is an ingenious little application that takes certain functions usually done only through the Internet and makes it possible to do these functions offline. For example, Google Reader now uses Gears to allow you to “sync” the latest 2000 unread blog posts to your computer / laptop so that you can read these posts while offline. Remember the Milk (a “Getting Things Done” to-do and project manager website) is another website that now uses Gears to move offline — very nice functionality when you’re out on the field and need your to-do list or associated notes.

Google Docs logoI fully expect Google Docs to soon incorporate Google Gears and be usable offline as well as online. That puts pressure on my favorite web-suite of productivity tools, Zoho, to get Gear’ed up. Right now, I’d say that Zoho has the edge on Google Docs — even if Zoho is less-known (except to Proud Geeks like me), it has so much more tools in addition to “just” word processing and spreadsheets (which Google Docs only offers). But if Zoho doesn’t incorporate Google Gears and make its tools work off-line, it will soon be left behind in the dust.

Zoho, gear up! Even if it means using something quintessentially Google.


5 Responses to “Gear up, Zoho!”

  1. Bill Says:

    I have not figured out how to use google gears, but I do know how to removed the URL address.

    In IE, File/Page Setup – Wipe out the text in the footer section.

    Or to customize it, use this code guide:

  2. Bill Says:

    Oh, and in FF, click File, Page Setup, and got to the header/footer tab. In Opera, File, Print Options, deselect header/footer.

  3. Proud Geek Says:

    Thanks, Bill!! I’d been looking in the prefs menu and didn’t think to check the page setup menu. This helps!

  4. Raju Vegesna Says:

    We are certainly looking into this. Thank you for your suggestion.

  5. […] 21st, 2007 Two months ago, I blogged about Google Gears, a new Google feature that enables web services to work off-line — that is, you’d be […]

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