Aquarium, My Ass!

June 11, 2007

Aquariass pictureWant little fishes swimming around watching you while you do your business with the toilet? No, I don’t mean little fishes in the toilet bowl. I meant little fishes in your toilet’s tank. Yes, WATCHING you do your business; how disconcerting.

With an Aquariass by Elseware, Inc., you get a toilet with a glass aquarium tank built in. And no, when you flush, the water that the fishes does NOT go down. I’m sure there’s a separate and smaller chamber behind the fish tank for the actual toilet water, but I can’t figure it out.

Let’s hope you don’t get performance anxiety. Would hate to stand there trying to take a whizz, and having all the fishes look at you.

Water doorThe website doesn’t say how much the Aquariass is, but I think it goes for $1100 or so. Fishes not included.

Elseware, Inc. also makes an ingenious water door. I’ve heard of running into screen or glass sliding doors, and so I’m kinda leery of getting one of those doors. Wonder if you can just jump through the water, or if there’s a glass partition in between. Water door comes cheap at $2000. Fishes not included.


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