Skipping Phone Trees

June 7, 2007

We all hate phone trees. And as a deaf person, I hate them even more. They were impossible to navigate using TTY relay services, and now with video relay services they’re “merely” as annoying to us as they are to hearing folks.

Bringo logoAnd now there’s a way to get around phone trees: Bringo’s No Phone Trees service.

Bringo will help you skip the phone trees — i.e., all those “press ‘1’ for mortgage rate information, press ‘2’ if you’re calling to report a stolen credit card, …” junk — and, instead, connect you to a live operator.

How does it work? I’ll let Bringo tell you in its own words:

  1. Find the company you’d like to call by category (credit cards, mortgages, loans, health care)
  2. Enter your phone # (we will never disclose your phone number to anyone, not even your mother!).
  3. Wait a few seconds while we navigate the phone tree.
  4. When we call you back, pick up your phone and you’re done. No more phone trees.

“Hey, waitamin,” you may be saying, “If I’m deaf, how does the ‘call you back’ function in steps 2 and 4 work?” Ah, haven’t you gotten your own personal IP-Relay number yet? With that service, you get your own phone number which hearing callers can use to call you directly without having to know the VRS / IP-Relay’s general phone number. You can do so with Verizon’s IP-Relay, for example. See my recent blog post about this.

So, next time you’ve got a hankering to call Citibank, just go to Bringo’s Citibank page, fill in your personal IP-Relay phone number (or actual phone number, if you’re a ‘hearie’), and click on “Fetch!” In a few moments, you’d get a phone call from Bringo, and then you’ll be connected to a Citibank representative.

Not all companies are included in Bringo’s No Phone Trees service — but Bringo has over 500 companies for which it can help you circumvent phone trees. Lots of big-name companies on this list, like Amazon, Bank of America and many other banks, many credit card companies, Verizon and other phone companies, and many airline companies. Lots of smaller companies as well.

Useful service. Let me know in the comments how useful you find it to be.

(Hat trick: TechCrunch)


2 Responses to “Skipping Phone Trees”

  1. twallclimber Says:

    brilliant ! i hope it will add more companies’ phone #s in the future especially comcast cable co. i would like to try that one day. i really hate phone trees !

    thanks !

  2. dsboyce8624 Says:

    I remember when people wanted it to be this way, then the companies over did it in an effort to cut personell costs and now it’s out of hand.

    Sounds like a great service.


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