New IP-Relay Feature

June 1, 2007

Just got an email from IP-Relay touting a new feature on its My IP-Relay service: personalized greetings.

IP Relay logoFirst, some background if you don’t know what the My IP-Relay Number service is. You can sign up and get your own free phone number with the same area code as the state you want it to be located in. You’d have to link it (again via IP-Relay’s webpage) to one or more of your AIM instant messaging accounts, plus one of your VRS numbers. You then give out your My IP-Relay phone number to hearing callers. When they call, there’s no need for the hearing callers to give the relay agent a second phone number for your home or work. Rather, the relay agent will connect the callers directly to you via your AIM account or VRS number. If you’re unavailable, the caller can leave a message which IP-Relay then sends to you via email. Easy to give this number out to pizza delivery services, put onto your resume, etc etc – no need to explain that they need to call one number first, and give the agent the second number. Very handy. (And I should note that at least one other VRS service provider also provides this service as well.)

Now, IP-Relay has improved on the My IP-Relay number service by making it possible for you to set a personalized greeting message. You can now type in your greeting message that you want to be told to hearing callers at the beginning of the call — something like “Hello, this is Proud Geek, I’m unavailable right now but please leave a message” or “Hi, this is the number for Jane Doe, please wait a moment while you are being connected …”

IP relay number personalized greeting

If you already have a My IP-Relay Number, you can modify your user profile. Otherwise, sign up for a new account.


3 Responses to “New IP-Relay Feature”

  1. Richard Roehm Says:

    I tried that before. It’s nifty concept but the big drawback that *I* experience; is that when I’m driving and my sidekick starts buzzing like a sex toy, I’d pull over to the shoulder only to find that the caller had given up waiting and the operator wondering if I’m ‘there’ or not.

  2. Lantana Says:

    Richard, are you positive that is why you “pulled over”?? Come on now, be honest (within reason, this is a public place).

    Lantana’s Latitude

  3. […] general phone number. You can do so with Verizon’s IP-Relay, for example. See my recent blog post about […]

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