Blackberry 8300 Curve – the next big pager?

May 30, 2007

(Update 11/07/07: See my blog post referring to someone else’s thoughts about the Blackberry Curve.  In a nutshell: that person liked it a lot, but seemed to prefer her Treo over the Curve.)

Blackberry’s about to come out with the first model that’s targeted toward personal users rather than business users — the Blackberry 8300 Curve.

Blackberry Curve screenshotLike previous high-end Blackberry models, it has the usual list of features:

  • Email and text messaging
  • Advanced phone features
  • Organizer
  • Browser
  • Expandable memory slot (using SD cards)

But it also has a few features that personal users — especially deaf ones — would appreciate:

  • Smallest and lightest Blackberry model thus far
  • Instant messaging (that comes with the Blackberry, instead of you having to look for and buy a separate IM program – nice)
  • Camera with zoom and flash (2mp – much better than the earlier Treo cameras — but it’s not a camcorder, alas)
  • Media player (videos, audio files)
  • Blackberry Maps (but Google Maps for the Blackberry is so much better, I’m sure)
  • Trackball (wow, that’s new)
  • Tethered modem (plug your laptop into your Blackberry Curve and use the Internet)
  • Choice of games, ringtones, skins, and other accessories
  • Built-in 64mb memory (nicely-sized, but if you need more like I always do, there’s always the expandable memory slot)

Want one? Want one? It’s not yet for sale, argh. Gotta wait a bit more. Probably within a month or two, tho. Price hasn’t been announced, and so far only Cingular / AT&T will be carrying the Blackberry Curve — at least for a while.

See CNet’s in-depth review for more information, impressions, and photos.


17 Responses to “Blackberry 8300 Curve – the next big pager?”

  1. Lantana Says:

    Thank you for this information! Sounds like what I have been waiting for (if it is not too complicated for me to figure out!)

    Lantana, Lantana’s Latitude

  2. Seek Geo Says:

    Wow, that’s cool one. It does help a lot when you post a lot information about pagers, I learned a lot so far and it helps with my decision on which one to get. I currently have SK2 however I am so ready to put it away and get better one soon.

    I’m not sure if Treo is even right one for me especially paying a lot of fees for IM, etc.


  3. twallclimber Says:

    at&t will release BB 8300 Curve tomorrow. good luck.

  4. Bill Says:

    It’s priddy!
    My old 7520 looks pretty old-fashioned now.

  5. […] Blackberry 8300 Curve – the next big pager? Blackberry’s about to come out with the first model that’s targeted toward personal users rather than […] […]

  6. Hetty Says:


    Geo, I’m an independent contractor with Sprint Relay and I own a Treo 700wx. IM is free, so is SMS and other features. Only $29.99 a additional fees. What fees are you referring to, care to elaborate?


  7. proudgeek Says:

    Ha, Bill, you’re the second person to ask about this. (The first was actually a friend via email.) I’ll do a blog post tomorrow about my thoughts on the new Foleo.

  8. Seek Geo Says:

    Hi Hetty,

    Oh I’m not aware about IM is free. I have a friend who I work with, he owns a Treo 700wx and he has been struggling to find free IM such as aim, yahoo, etc for over a month now. Only IM free is MSN, he said (he’s Deaf also).

    Is there any information I can find regarding free IM that my friend might not know of?

    I must admit I almost purchase treo 700wx until he mentioned IM charge.


  9. VS Says:

    hi hetty-

    i noticed you said IM is free, so is SMS and other features for Only $29.99 a month?! where do i get this as i have order form from sprint relay store wireless and its only said for 29.99 get unlimited email, internet and instant messaging BUT for having SMS/TEXT MESSAGING there 3 options 300 messages $5.00/month, 1,000 messages $10.00/month and unlimited messages $15/month. are you saying there really have free sms as data plan just like sidekick? i was thinking buy treo 700wx too.


  10. CocaLyn Says:

    hi hetty-

    i noticed you said IM is free, so is SMS and other features for Only $29.99 a month?! where do i able get this plan? i have the order form from sprint relay store wireless and its only said for 29.99 get unlimited email, internet and instant messaging BUT for having SMS/TEXT MESSAGING there 3 options for
    300 messages $5.00/month,

    1,000 messages $10.00/month and

    unlimited messages $15/month.

    so are you saying there really have free sms as data plan just like sidekick? i was thinking buy treo 700wx too.


  11. twallclimber Says: is a third party IM software provider for blackberry device only. it can be used through data (internet), not throught SMS. i learn some people are very happy with beejive program that works great on blackberry. even it runs better than Yak-on IM program.

  12. borisb Says:

    With Blackberry Curve 8320 the audio cable has three rings (left channel, right channel, ground?). I need to connect Curve to headset for c.i. but I cannot find an adapter that will help me do this. My two ring stereo cable does not work.

  13. proudgeek Says:

    BorisB – wish I could help you with this, but I don’t know anything about this. If you figure it out, please let us know!

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  15. Overture:
    The company at the back of the BlackBerry is Research in Motion (RIM). In 1999, The first BlackBerry phone was launched and since then, several pleasant models have been appeared in the market. The current BlackBerry product portfolio now endeavors at a broader target group of regular consumers. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone has obviously taken more than one thing into account.

    IThe BlackBerry Bold 9000 smart phone appears in a simple black box with the BlackBerry logo as the only enrichment on the outside. The included accessories are a headset, a data cable and a battery charger. Unfortunately, there is no software CD included; the software is available for download on the BlackBerry Internet site. The BlackBerry Bold mobile phone looks very stylish with a beautiful finishing touch. The back side of this mobile phone doesn’t match the front in my opinion. However, during my test period with the Bold 9000 I received a lot of positive feedback to it. On one side of the handset two shortcuts are found for voice dialing and the camera function.

    Stunning Qwerty Keyboard:
    The front of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 handset clutches a spectacular display with below it, a full QWERTY keyboard. The monitor is crystal clear. It already managed to astonish one with its background picture. Furthermore, some videos were conveyed with the test sample, in which the quality showed to the fullest; one can easily watch a video this way! The display offers a resolution of 480×320. The full QWERTY keyboard is easy to use even for me with big fingers, the keys are completely accessible. After one day of sending text messages with this keyboard, you’re addicted! The trackball, the same as on other BlackBerry phones, is also available on the Bold 9000 to navigate the device. The trackball works fine, although for scrolling through long lists such as the phonebook, an arrow pad would come in handy.

    Phone Menu:
    Shortcuts on the main screen of the BlackBerry Bold just like previous models. Opening the menu, a vast list with 26 icons appears on the screen. While everything is displayed at the same time, on one hand, this is rather inconvenient. On the other, it saves to scroll through the entire menu if you’re searching. One will find selecting every icon time and again to remind yourself what it served for. The way in the menu proves to be a steady and solid operating system. The only thing I don’t get is why the structure of the menu, neat and sleek, is not carried out in the settings menu, as you will now find a simple boring black text on a white background. This is a pity, since it makes things rather disharmonic.

    MS Office:
    The BlackBerry Bold smartphone comprises business functions such as displaying Microsoft Office documents. Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be opened and viewed with the BlackBerry applications. The preinstalled versions only allow you to view the documents. To create a new document or adjust an existing one, you have to switch from the standard version to a paid premium version.

    Music & Video:
    The dazzling design of the audio and video player of the BlackBerry Pearl already astounded me. Let alone the multimedia player of the BlackBerry Bold. When playing video files, where the large monitor shows to the fullest, the quality is superb. The built-in speaker delivers sound of an astonishing quality and if desired, at high volume. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 supports many file formats, even Divx.

    The Push-mail function on the BlackBerry alerts you wherever you are immediately new messages arrive. To open the attachment files is ever so easy, although editing is usual impossible. Mail accounts can be managed via a special BlackBerry Website. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 offers the opportunity to select and copy parts of texts which is a handy functionality that is not often found on a mobile phone. The Internet browser is easy to operate at a convenient speed. The only disadvantage is formed by the many slide bars that appear if a website consists of different columns, which makes it nearly impossible to navigate. One example is the Microsoft Outlook Web Access, you simply cannot use this page because of all the slide bars.
    Blackberry Bold Wi-Fi, GPS and Maps
    Simple and Straight forward, lower your cellular costs and get service in areas where network coverage may be limited or unavailable, with Blackberry Data Services over Wi-Fi networks. With built-in GPS and Maps you can easily pinpoint where you are and where you want to be.
    Speed Network:
    The phone comes with a 624 MHz processor complete with high speed HSDPA network. The built in 3G HSDPA technology allows the user to enjoy high speed connectivity, high rate data transfers & multitasking skills on the BlackBerry Bold 9000. The user can enjoy EDGE & GPRS technology which provides fast data transfer rates when transferring files. The 3G Smartphone supports both Bluetooth connectivity & USB connectivity which gives the user a choice of connection options when connecting their Smartphone to other compatible devices. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows the user to connect using a wireless connectivity to BlackBerry data services over a Wi-Fi network. This stylish Smartphone works on a GSM quad band network which covers GMS 850, 900, 1800 & 1900. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is a truly business focused Smartphone which comes with easy to use communication, Internet & entertainment features which are easy to use.
    Desktop Manager 4.6:
    No software standard incorporated with the BlackBerry Bold 9000. This software can be downloaded from a special Internet page. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.6 is well thought-out as well as straightforward. It offers a main menu with five options: Application management, Backup, Multimedia management, Synchronisation and Data transfer from a second BlackBerry.

    Software application:
    These clear software application consents to get the most out of the BlackBerry very fast. These mobile phones usually be associated with rather complicated software, but not the BlackBerry Bold 9000. If your BlackBerry Bold handset is connected to a computer, you can also select the mass storage mode which allows you swiftly manage the data on a memory card without having to install software.

    Phone Memory:
    The standard memory of 1GB lets you store several multimedia files on the BlackBerry Bold. However, if you own lots of music, and in particular for video files, 1GB is rather skimpy. Thankfully, the Bold 9000 offers the possibility to enhance its memory capacity with a microSD/SDHC memory card. The BlackBerry Bold supports memory cards up to 8GB.

    The 3.7V Lithium Polymere battery, according to the specifications will last for 13 days in standby and offers a talk-time of 4.5 hours. In tested period the mobile phone, I used the media player quite frequently and also the Internet functionalities. The battery then lasted for approximately two days which is fairly reasonable.

    The Blackberry Bold 9000 smartphone embodies elegant design – without sacrificing the features or functionality you come to expect from Blackberry. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is a mobile phone with striking design as well as fantastic BlackBerry functionalities. The large, crystal-clear widescreen monitor presents a perfect reproduction of many file formats. The Internet browser is easily accessible.The 3G internet speed and WiFi all connection options are at hand. Only the Internet pages divided in columns that the Bold 9000 effort with. The enthusiastic applications enable opening Microsoft Office files with the BlackBerry. To make adjustments to the files, you have to acquire a more enhanced software package. Thanks to the Push-mail function, which allow little chance to miss an incoming message, and the full QWERTY keyboard lets you answer immediately without a problem. The only minus on this handset is its integrated low resolution camera. Although we don’t think it diminishes the value of this BlackBerry. Personally, I am delighted with the qualities of this BlackBerry Bold 9000. And if I have the urge to make pictures once in a while, I will bring a regular digital camera.

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