Razor-thin bendable tiny TV

May 27, 2007

Oh yea, this is going to be a harbinger of things to come:

Tiny bendable TV

CNN just had a news article about this. It’s a tiny 2.5 inch display TV by Sony that’s .01 inch thick and is bendable like paper. Now, can you imagine reading captions / subtitles on that tiny thing? Unlike a bendable 14-inch “e-paper” TV recently announced by LG which cycles through a series of color pictures, this tiny Sony TV actually shows moving video.

Here’s a LiveScience.com video of the tiny Sony television (with an obligatory Yahoo! commercial at the beginning of the video).

Imagine the uses for a small bendable TV like this. Wear it around your wrist and watch it on the subway; wrap it around a lamppost and use it for advertisements; tape it onto your wall so that the corners don’t curl over …

(Ah, the Drudge Report just reported this as well.)


4 Responses to “Razor-thin bendable tiny TV”

  1. Karyn Says:

    Wow! The devices get smaller, thinner, and wireless. I’m wondering what’s next? E-Eye contact lenses Tv ? :D

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