Plugging into Marriott

May 26, 2007

Marriott logoI love staying at Marriott hotels — especially their Residence Inn properties. Plenty of room for my kids and my partner and myself, plus a kitchenette and a small living room (sometimes separate from the bedroom, sometimes not).

And now here’s a reason for me to like Marriott even more.

Plugging Into Marriott

The plug-in panel pictured above will eventually be made available in all Marriott properties, along with elegant flat-screen televisions capable of split-screen video (especially useful for showing your laptop screen on one side and the latest Desperate Housewives episode on another side).

Very, very useful. Four electric outlets for me to plug in and recharge my Palm Treo, my work Blackberry, my partner’s personal Blackberry, and our kids’ portable DVD player. (Of course, that means we still need more plugs to plug in our laptop, our flashing baby cry alert device, etc., etc. But, ah, four right there without having to crawl along on the floor looking for those.) An Ethernet outlet for those wifi-less hotels. Several video / audio in jacks to hook up that camcorder or digital camera to the television. More jacks to hook up a laptop or gaming system to the TV, an MP3 device to the TV’s sound system, or a high-quality connection with your portable DVD player.

Nice. Now, I need to go see my boss about that raise so I can afford to visit even more nice Marriott hotels that has got those plug-in panels …


3 Responses to “Plugging into Marriott”

  1. adam mashouri Says:

    do you know the song on the new commercial, with the lady sitting on the bed and the song says Do ya or something of the sort??

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Adam – no, I don’t, sorry!

  3. Fred Says:

    The name of the song in the commercial with the lady sitting on the bed is “In The Morning” by Junior Boys.

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