Neat Washers and Dryers via LG

May 23, 2007

Pressed (no pun intended) for space?  Get an all-in-one washer and dryer machine.  Don’t want to go to the dry cleaner and, instead, have your washer steam your clothes as well?  Get SteamWasher. 


Ok, let me elaborate.

Combo washer and dryerLG has created a combination washer and dryer machine.  Just one unit which you can throw your clothes in, and it’d wash AND THEN dry your clothes.  And even better, it fits under your kitchen counter.  I always forget to transfer my clothes to the dryer, and I end up with extremely wrinkled, half-dry clothes.  And I sometimes don’t want to take the few extra steps to the laundry room to do the wash.  This is a perfect solution: putting one in the kitchen, and having it do both the wash and then the drying — no transferring between machines.  Niiiiiice.

Doesn’t come cheap, though.  It costs between $1497 and $1797, depending on the model you get.  Since a typical (but separate!) washer and dryer can be bought together for between $500-$1000 (depending on how spiffy you want them to be), those LG combination washer and dryer machines really do come at a high premium cost.  But ah, think of the coolness factor!  But if you got a high-efficiency washer plus a comparable dryer, then the cost factor may be similar to or even more expensive than the combo washer and dryer.

LG SteamWasherAnd a washer that steams as well as washes?  Yes, LG offers a SteamWasher.  (No, it’s not a combo washer and dryer.  Life ain’t THAT easy.)  Just throw in (well, probably hang up) up to five garments, and set it to steam.  It’d reduce wrinkles and refresh your shirts and pants. 

Even better, it comes with a remote monitor — “[s]imply plug the modem into any outlet in your home and it communicates with the machine to display the time remaining in the cycle.”  I’d actually prefer it to email me when the wash / steam is done, but I’d take this modem option over the audible alert (which I can’t hear anyway) anytime.  (Another SteamWasher model comes without this monitor option.)

Again, this SteamWasher ain’t cheap.  This particular model sells for around $1230 to $1310, depending on the retailer. 

But ach, the convenience!

One Response to “Neat Washers and Dryers via LG”

  1. Barry Says:

    I want one combo plus steamwasher! Perfect space to replace our washer/dryer units

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