MyPunchbowl Update: Pick A Date Feature

May 21, 2007

This isn’t going to be formally announced till tomorrow, and I was hoping to be the first blogger to post about this today. But TechCrunch beat me to it — ah well! Here goes anyway.

MyPunchbowl logoA while ago, I re-recommended MyPunchbowl as the on-line party-planner of choice. Today, MyPunchbowl quietly introduced a new feature that would make picking a date for party planning a lot easier.

As anybody who served on a committee for planning a party well knows, one of the most difficult (and sometimes scandal-provoking!) decisions a committee can make is pinning down the date itself. Especially when it’s a surprise party for one or two honored guests with different schedules, and each committee member has his/her own schedule as well.

MyPunchbowl screenshotThis is where MyPunchbowl’s new Pick A Date feature comes handy. The party host can pre-select several dates. And then, as the host sets up the guest list, s/he can select which guests are VIPs — e.g., the bride, birthday boy, or parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. As guests (including those that are VIPs) log in and select dates that work or don’t work for them, MyPunchbowl uses a real-time specialized algorithm that help drives consensus on a datewhat the best date is for the party.

You’re probably asking, “Plain English, please! No geek-speak! Real-time algorithm, huh?!” Ok, ok. Let me try again. When each guest responds, s/he will see the dates that the host had pre-selected — and s/he can then say that s/he can or cannot attend for each of those dates. As each guest logs in and confirms his or her availability on these dates, MyPunchbowl will automatically make educated “guesses” (using surely intricate formulas) at what date is currently the recommended party date.

Nice feature, especially when planning a party by committee. Here’re two YouTube videos — the first one is the short, 1-minute version, while the second one is the longer 4-minute version. Both do a pretty good job demo’ing the new Pick A Date feature. Have no idea if there’s talking (and if so, there’s no captioning) — but the text in the graphics are all self-explanatory.

One-minute YouTube demo:

Four-minute YouTube demo:

Remember, if you’re planning a fun party, don’t forget to invite ME!


2 Responses to “MyPunchbowl Update: Pick A Date Feature”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Hi, hope I’m not too late. I’ve always appreciated and enjoyed reading your blog. There is another party-planning Website called “Socializr” founded by former Friendster CEO Jonathan Abrams which allows party planners to design their own e-invitations. Pretty much similar to Evite except that it gives us more flexibility. Just thought you’d like to know about this.

  2. […] March 4, 2008 I’ve long touted MyPunchbowl as the premiere online party-planning destination.  Its interface is snazzy and cool and clear – especially compared to tired, ad-bloated Evite.  MyPunchbowl boasts a few functions not found elsewhere, like its colloborative pick-a-date feature. […]

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