Another Map: State Flowers / Trees at Risk

May 21, 2007

Another example showing how useful Google My Maps can be — this time in drawing and shading shapes and areas. And yes, this example also makes a point.

The National Wildlife Federation recently released a report, “The Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming” (PDF file). Deep in this report is a list of states (including the District of Columbia) that could see their state flowers and/or trees soon leave or become extinct because global warming has already been shifting growing zones markedly northward.

I created a Google MyMap showing each state that could lose its state flower and/or tree. Orangish yellow areas show each state that could lose its state flower; green areas show each state that could lose its state tree; and purple areas show each state that could lose BOTH its state flower and tree.

(Click on the map to see the actual Google MyMap)

Map showing state flowers / trees at risk


4 Responses to “Another Map: State Flowers / Trees at Risk”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    I found this map quite interesting. I would like very much if you could include a list of the names of the state flower and/or tree for each state affected.

  2. Janan Says:

    That’s awesome, but you seem to have left out Rhode Island. ;_; Luckily, the state flower (Violet) is not in any danger that I’m aware of. Awesome blog, though.

  3. da bolt Says:

    ya had to end with the global warming crap! For those of you who are not paying attention… many of the scientist who were crying global warming are now crying a sudden climate shift towards cooling. I will pay 100.00 dollars to anyone who can name a period of time when the climate was NOT changing! Freakin morons!

  4. eegor Says:

    The state tree of Texas is the Pecan. It is in NO WAY endangered. As far a Texas is concerned, the map is bogus.

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