Let’s meet half-way — but where?

May 17, 2007

Have you ever said to your friend, “tell you what, let’s meet for coffee somewhere halfway between where we live,” and then realized you couldn’t figure out where to meet?

A place between us logoHere’s a good resource: a.placebetween.us

A place between - screenshot

You enter where you live, where your friend lives, and the type of place you want to meet at (i.e., “coffee,” “thai,” or whatever). Then a map is quickly displayed with a green icon showing the exact mid-point as well as several suggestions around that point.

At first, I got results that were actually physically between us, instead of somewhere along roads or freeways. So, I entered a different starting point that was actually more lined up with a long freeway between the two points, and got better results.  [EDIT: an a.placebetween.us administrator left this comment — “Try dragging the green marker around to refine the results. It’s easier than entering different endpoint addresses.”  Thanks, Aron!]

So, let the twain meet betwix, and happy dining!

(Hat tip to Free Geography Tools.)


3 Responses to “Let’s meet half-way — but where?”

  1. Aron Says:

    Try dragging the green marker around to refine the results. It’s easier than entering different endpoint addresses.

    We are looking for ways to automatically return a better midpoint (such as using driving directions). For now, the draggable, green, midpoint marker gives you some flexibility.

    Thanks for using the site!


  2. moxie_mocha Says:

    I’m sorry… I may have a blonde moment or something. :) I couldn’t drag the green marker around. It doesn’t really follow the road directions; it follows the physical geography. Is there a way to fix this?

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Moxie — I was able to “pick up” the green marker by just clicking / holding onto it, then dragging it to another place. (Nice feature, Aron!) The swarm of yellow-tagged suggestions around it quickly moved as well. I wonder if it’s the browser you’re using?

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