EQO Mobile ain’t it at all

May 13, 2007

EQO MobileI am on an odyssey … To find the “perfect” instant messaging program for my Palm Treo 650. I had been using Verichat, but it has sadly been discontinued. (Why? Why!?) I’m now searching for a good replacement. EQO Mobile is the fourth instant messaging program I’ve tried – see my past reviews of the Palm 650 versions of Mundu, IM+, and WebMessenger.

In a nutshell: I didn’t like EQO Mobile at all. Out of the four, it ranks dead last thus far. Yes, even lower than IM+, which I disliked immensely. It’s horribly slow (at least on my Treo 650), requires too many button-presses, and had no customization at all.


  • Available for a wide variety of phones, smartphones, and Blackberries — supposedly over 400 handsets altogether.
  • Clean, crisp look – icons and colors were neat, non-clashing.
  • Can log-in to one AIM / ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, and Jabber / GoogleTalk account apiece.


  • On the Treo 650, have to have Palm’s WebSphere Java installed first.
  • Very s….l….o….w……….. on my Treo 650. Not sure if it’s a bug or something. I kept pushing a button twice thinking it hadn’t detected my keypress the first time. It had indeed detected my keypress, but was reacting slowly. Sometimes took a second or two to react. Ugh!
  • Every time I started up / restarted the EQO program, it asked me the same two questions each time – whether it was ok to use the Treo’s airtime to connect EQO. Yes, already!
  • The log-in / connection process was slow – took me nearly a minute to log into and finally view my AIM buddy list.
  • Every time I leave EQOMobile (ie, to read emails or use another application on my Treo), I’m then logged out. I then have to go through the entire (and SLOW!) log-in process again.
  • No customization at all – whether alerts, looks, or any other preferences.
  • When I received an IM, there were no alerts (or at least, no visual / vibrating alerts).
  • The icons that EQO uses for AIM buddies aren’t the same as the usual AIM icons – leaving me a bit confused as to the meaning of some of them. (Remember, I don’t read the users manuals.)
  • On some screens, using the 5-way pad’s button on my Treo didn’t work for some buttons – I had to press the screen instead. And vice versa, too – not consistent.
  • I felt I had to press too many buttons from log-in to finally be able to send an instant message.
  • When I select a buddy, I’m then viewing our (often blank) conversation history. I then have to press another button to compose something, then yet another button to send it.

I only had to try out EQO Mobile for several hours before I uninstalled it (and the Websphere Java app as well) from my Palm. Definitely not one I’m going to use again, unless they make significant updates and modifications.


5 Responses to “EQO Mobile ain’t it at all”

  1. May C Says:

    At least you’ve gotten it to work. I couldn’t get it to work at all. Then I read in the forums and knowledgebase that there were issues with the Treo 650 so I pretty much decided to not bother with it.

    I wonder if you have tried iskoot yet? I haven’t tried it either but wondering if you have.

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Thanks, May, for the tip! I just checked iSkoot’s webpage out, and unfortunately it’s only for Internet calling (like Skype) through a mobile phone. It doesn’t offer instant messaging services — which is what I’m looking for. Nonetheless, keep the tips coming, May C!

  3. Chris Says:

    Indeed, we agree that EQO Mobile doesn’t run so hot on Palm OS based Treo’s, much thanks to the IBM JVM on that one. All I can say is that we plan to do better in the future, drop us an email to info@eqo.com and we’ll gladly explain our Treo plans. We appreciate your trying EQO Mobile and we thank you for your patience.


    EQO Customer Evangelist

  4. May C Says:

    Looks like Fring but currently only supports Nokia phones. I’ve read that they are expanding the devices they support (like, very soon) so I am keeping my eye on their site.

    They are even supporting Twitter as this article has mentioned.


  5. […] is third due to its reliability and price tag, WebMessenger is fourth, IM+ a distant fifth, and EQO Mobile still in last place (although EQO has recently been significantly updated — I will check out […]

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