My favorite hurricane on-line resources

May 10, 2007

Hurricane season begins on June 1st, but Andrea, our first named sub-tropical storm, is threatening our shores right now.  (Andrea just so happens to be my sister-in-law’s name, but I’m sure the relationship is coincidential.)  In honor of hurricane season, I’m listing a few on-line resources that I use to keep on top of hurricanes (figuratively, of course):

  • Dr. Jeff Master’s Wunder Blog — he often warns well in advance whenever a weather pattern may lead to a hurricane, and gives good, rather plain-English explanations of what to expect, where it may head, its current conditions, etc.  During active times, he updates his blog maybe twice a day — otherwise, it’s every once in a while.
  • Accuweather’s Hurricane Center — gives good charts and maps for active tropical storms / hurricanes, including position, forecast paths, satellite images, and more.
  • Wunderground’s Tropical Weather — also gives good charts and maps.  In addition to position, forecast paths, and satellite images, I especially like its computer models map and historical paths maps.

If you’ve got a favorite on-line resource for keeping track of active hurricanes, share it with us in the comments.


3 Responses to “My favorite hurricane on-line resources”

  1. Christopher Moore Says:

    Hi Proud Geek or anyone,

    Thank you for the information regarding Tropical Weather/Hurricanes because I live in Florida. I’m wondering if you know any GOOD sites that I can added the quick reports/warnings about the weather (breaking news) for my sidekick email to recieve the warnings. I have one from BayNews9 but I’d like to add one more. Thank you!

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Christopher! I love’s email service. You’d have to join for a small fee of $10 a year. But then after that, you can set up “Weather email” service at the link below. I’ve set it to send me forecasts and ALL warnings for my zip code — and it’s great. I highly recommend it, and I think it may be what you need.

  3. Christopher Moore Says:

    Thank you very much!!! Give me high five, Proud Geek ! :)

    Have a good day!

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